Avoid Losing The Sale For Blasting Your Profit

Avoid Losing The Sale For Blasting Your Profit

Address every issue that could be a​ concern. Begin with a​ list of​ every reason why a​ prospect doesn’t buy. He may want it, need it, even crave it​ -- and be quite capable of​ paying your price. Yet still, he doesn’t buy. So you need to​ go deeper to​ discover all possible obstacles that may be preventing sales.

Anticipate those objections and create a​ way to​ address each. You can get into some depth here, and provide complete answers without adding excessive words to​ the sales letter. Simply create a​ Question and Answer (Q&A) or​ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and make it​ available by a​ separate link from your home page. This is​ an​ effective way to​ provide additional information – key details that could potentially swing the sale – without making your sales letter longer than it​ needs to​ be.

Your close can make or​ break the sale. Ideally, you want to​ carry the enthusiastic prospect through to​ your order page, without any interruption.

If for some reason, your reader still needs more information, it’s instantly accessible on your FAQ page. Move your prospect from a​ mindset of​ visualized benefits to​ a​ state of​ definitive action, in​ order to​ reap those benefits. Get him beyond the hesitation stage and into action simply because that’s the most certain way to​ get what he wants. That’s the task of​ your closing paragraphs – it’s your final opportunity to​ make an​ impact and achieve the desired response.

Charm prospects into action. Make it​ as​ enticing as​ possible and lead the way. Emphasize the actual value and tangible benefits they get for such a​ comparatively small investment. Put forth your most alluring proposition. Promise the huge payoff that awaits their one small action. Point out the fact that the ultimate in​ leverage is​ to​ gain a​ maximum value for the minimum price, which is​ exactly what they’re getting with your superb package.

Avoid Losing The Sale For Blasting Your Profit

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