Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

As the​ holidays approach,​ a​ feeling of​ dread creeps in. Not only is​ money getting tighter,​ but your pants are,​ too. It's the​ same old story. Colder weather keeps you stuck indoors,​ while the​ yummy holiday cooking fattens you up. Not this year. Not me! I refuse to​ gain those holiday pounds and you can,​ too. No,​ you don't have to​ sign any contracts at​ an​ expensive gym. You can get the​ body you want on​ a​ limited budget.

You may not realize it,​ but workout videos are more fun and exciting than they used to​ be.

Workout videos are also much less expensive than a​ gym membership or​ buying home workout equipment like a​ treadmill or​ elliptical trainer.

If the​ thought of​ buying workout videos reminds you of​ leg warmers and striped leotards,​ you've got some catching up to​ do. You're not stuck with the​ boring workout videos of​ the​ 80s and 90s anymore. Believe it​ or​ not,​ the​ same sought-after trainers who get paid the​ big bucks to​ train celebrities can be on​ call to​ train you in​ your own home for pennies a​ day.

Some of​ the​ newest fitness trends are available on​ video.


Have you always envied a​ ballet dancer's lean and graceful body? Several ballet videos are now available as​ workout videos. One of​ the​ most popular choices right now was created by the​ famous New York City Ballet. Although you won't learn to​ be the​ next prima ballerina training with exercise video at​ home,​ you will shape and lengthen your muscles for a​ graceful body.

Belly Dancing:

Shimmy your way to​ a​ great waistline. Whether you want an​ instructional video to​ teach you proper belly dancing technique or​ you just want to​ exercise with belly dance moves,​ you'll find a​ wide variety of​ videos available.

Exotic Dancing:

You read that right. if​ you've ever thought it​ would be fun to​ learn sexy moves,​ then this is​ for you. in​ the​ privacy and safety of​ your own home,​ you can bump and gyrate to​ your heart's content. I have also heard that laughter is​ good for your abs,​ so you'll have that covered as​ well,​ especially if​ you have a​ mirror in​ your workout room.

Yoga or​ Pilates:

If you're looking for a​ sleek,​ lean body,​ firm core,​ or​ more flexibility,​ then there are hundreds of​ yoga and Pilates videos to​ choose from. You'll find yoga for adults as​ well as​ yoga for kids. Yes,​ kids get stressed,​ too. Yoga is​ a​ great way to​ teach them to​ relax.

Fitness videos for kids:

Oftentimes kids can be the​ best motivators. if​ you put in​ a​ Sesame Street dance video and your three year old asks you to​ dance with Elmo,​ you can hardly say "no".

Once you've chosen a​ trend or​ video you are interested in,​ set a​ specific time each day to​ "meet" with your personal trainer. It's best to​ rotate at​ least two different forms of​ exercise (or videos) to​ avoid repetitive use strains. You can do different videos each day,​ or​ alternate a​ walk,​ bike ride or​ other activity you enjoy on​ your non-video days. as​ long as​ you are moving,​ you're keeping those spare pounds from firmly attaching to​ your body.

So,​ don't sign that costly gym membership agreement just yet. Blow the​ dust off the​ exercise videos in​ your cabinet,​ get some good walking shoes,​ or​ check out the​ hottest trends at​ your favorite online store. It's the​ frugal way to​ go.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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