Automotive Tvr

Automotive Tvr

The TVR brand name and​ image is​ one of​ the​ most typically British of​ all time. the​ name and​ sight of​ the​ vehicles inspire thoughts of​ theatre, passion and​ excitement. for​ the​ past sixty years TVR have produced performance sports cars that have been amongst the​ worlds most revered and​ powerful. the​ cars produced are iconic and​ distinctive and​ have ensured TVR are at​ the​ forefront of​ car aficionados minds when the​ performance vehicles are discussed.

The current model range from TVR includes three vehicles. the​ new Sagaris, the​ Tuscan S and​ the​ Tuscan S Convertible. All three of​ these cars are prime examples of​ TVR’s ability to​ marry style and​ sophistication. the​ Sagaris uses dramatic lines and​ sweeps to​ make it​ the​ ultimate racing car for​ the​ open road. the​ new Sagaris is​ as​ powerful and​ performs as​ well as​ it​ looks like it​ should. the​ Tuscan S is​ a​ mark II model and​ the​ latest incarnation of​ the​ legendary TVR. Again it​ couples dramatic design with powerful performance to​ ensure anyone who uses the​ Tuscan S will have a​ drive to​ remember. the​ Tuscan S Convertible combines the​ Tuscan’s already memorable driving experience with the​ unbridled exhilaration of​ driving a​ convertible sports car. This said, the​ Tuscan S Convertible is​ not merely a​ coupe with the​ roof removed. the​ functionality of​ the​ car has been completely redesigned to​ ensure a​ brand new driving experience.

One of​ the​ most famous TVR’s of​ all time is​ the​ TVR Chimaera. This car combined raw power with the​ all the​ famous looks of​ a​ classic sports car. Some critics describe the​ TVR Chimaera as​ being all brawn and​ no brains, with a​ very loud engine and​ that it​ can at​ times be difficult to​ handle. This car has been described as​ offering what can only be called a​ proper driving experience!

Although TVR has been and​ still is​ an​ iconic name in​ the​ world of​ sports cars and​ the​ brand has many fans throughout the​ world there are and​ have been some questions over build quality which has affected the​ company’s reputation. Poor build quality has hindered the​ company for​ a​ long time and​ is​ probably the​ main reason as​ to​ why TVR has not seen the​ same level of​ commercial success as​ its rivals at​ Porsche and​ Ferrari. Unreliability issues have sometimes outweighed the​ advantages of​ the​ TVR range which include the​ fact it​ sounds great, drives great and​ looks exceptional and​ led to​ consumers, however sentimental, choosing more reliable and​ slightly less romantic options when deciding upon their sports car.

Two major advantages of​ choosing to​ purchase a​ TVR are the​ performance and​ the​ low depreciation rate. Some TVR’s have been measured at​ doing 0 miles per hour to​ 60 miles per hour in​ 4.6 seconds. This statistic is​ one of​ the​ most impressive in​ the​ performance car field and​ is​ a​ major selling point. the​ fact that TVR’s are relatively rare cars means that they do not depreciate at​ the​ rate of​ some of​ their rivals which also makes them desirable.

TVR has a​ reputation for​ great looking cars, and​ for​ having a​ strong following amongst sports car enthusiasts. Although let down by reliability issues there is​ no substitute for​ the​ romance and​ passion generated by seeing, hearing and​ driving one of​ these British cars.

Automotive Tvr

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