Automotive Resource Guide

Automotive Resource Guide

Finding information about past, current, and future car offerings used to​ be a​ task that involved wading through countless glossy magazines, perusing bulky sales brochures, shifting through inky newspapers, and skimming through a​ host of​ other print material of​ varying sizes and depths. How many of​ us have subscribed to​ 2, 4, or​ even 5 or​ more publications just to​ get the latest information about our favorite cars? Today, thanks to​ the internet, there are a​ host of​ sites available to​ learn more about your classic and to​ take a​ look at​ concept cars. I will list some of​ my favorites here; I hope that you will enjoy scrutinizing them as​ much as​ I have.

The Detroit News – I doubt that there is​ a​ single newspaper in​ the USA that matches the depth and breadth of​ coverage that The Detroit News provides on a​ daily basis about the automobile industry. it​ certainly makes sense that they are the leader, given that the Detroit area has long been the bastion of​ American automotive might. Visit for more information.

Car and Driver – One of​ my favorite print magazines shares a​ lot of​ useful information right online. My favorite feature is​ their break down by make and model of​ every single car on the market. C&D even gives visitors full access to​ some really great road tests they have performed on a​ whole host of​ vehicles. Very informative:

Auto Blog – Some of​ the best and most honest information can be read through this particular blog site. Vehicles of​ every stripe and persuasion are covered; breaking make/model information is​ shared, and readers are quick to​ add their personal comments. Sometimes the responses are hilarious, while other times they seem politically charged. No matter, the information given is​ certainly useful:

Edmunds – Good information on current models and they seem to​ have a​ grasp on upcoming offerings too. Compare what they write about future models and they generally have the best “off the record” information of​ anyone:

Car Survey – Similar to​ the Auto Blog, Car Survey allows users to​ blog in​ information about their vehicle. if​ you own a​ ’74 Monte Carlo, an​ ’83 Fairmount, or​ a​ ’95 Intrepid, then comments about your make/model are featured by owners who have the same car as​ you. a​ good place to​ trace the history of​ specific models, foreign and domestic too:

Assorted Sites – Lastly, several smaller sites dedicated to​ specific car brands such as​ can be extremely helpful as​ well as​ are certain commercial sites touting car parts. I also regularly refer to​ various car clubs and automaker sites for detailed information.

So, what is​ the best part of​ conducting research on the internet for car information? Well, two actually: it​ is​ both fast and it​ is​ usually free. Now, Google your way over and find out all the information you need about your cabriolet, your pocket rocket, your off-roader, or​ your minivan. Everything you need is​ right at​ your finger tips and certain to​ pique your interest.

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