Auto Sound System Are Becoming Entertainment Systems

Auto Sound System Are Becoming Entertainment Systems

Auto Sound Systems are Becoming Entertainment Systems
If you've been shopping lately for​ an​ auto sound system then I​ am fairly certain that you've come across several full entertainment systems among those in​ the​ running for​ your audio and​ entertainment dollars .​
Vehicles today offer everything from DVD players, individual speakers, headphones (also individually adjustable), and​ even dual players that will allow one different audio to​ be played in​ one section of​ the​ vehicle than another .​
In addition to​ all of​ these wonderful and​ nifty devices are many more devices that are meant to​ tempt, sway, and​ convince you to​ spend even more money on the​ auto sound system of​ your dreams .​
Some of​ these even offer MP3 players that connect directly to​ the​ audio system of​ your car, truck, or​ SUV .​
The jury is​ still out for​ many people about the​ safety and​ sense of​ having a​ DVD player in​ your automobile .​
While this is​ the​ case, people will continue purchasing DVD players are part and​ parcel of​ their sound and​ entertainment systems and​ manufacturers will continue putting together attractive packages that offer these devices to​ consumers while offering incredible bargains on installation .​
I​ know that many feel that this is​ an​ unnecessary distraction to​ drivers .​
I'm one of​ the​ rare people that feels that in​ a​ day of​ laptops, cell phones, talk radio, fast food, Starbucks coffee, and​ multitasking, a​ DVD in​ the​ back might be one of​ the​ best features that can be added to​ the​ car in​ an​ effort to​ minimize distractions coming from the​ direction of​ disgruntled passengers in​ the​ rear.
I will confess that many people wonder what this has to​ do with an​ auto sound system and​ I​ can understand that question so please bare with me .​
One of​ the​ features that sound system manufacturers are offering is​ a​ feature that allows individual headphones for​ passengers in​ the​ back along with LCD monitors that rest in​ the​ back of​ the​ head rests so that passengers in​ the​ back can both see and​ hear the​ DVDs being played without causing a​ distraction for​ the​ driver (either by noise or​ by means of​ flashing lights) .​
The truth of​ the​ matter is​ that having the​ noise from a​ DVD player in​ the​ back is​ no worse of​ a​ distraction than having disgruntled children competing for​ your attention from the​ backseat or​ listening to​ audio books as​ you drive along .​
I​ must admit that audio books are one of​ my current and​ readily admitted addictions .​
The problem with those is​ that on occasion some of​ the​ books simply aren't meant for​ young ears .​
I​ try to​ keep my books limited to​ popular stories that are suitable for​ children whenever my children are riding along and​ save the​ sometimes steamy and​ often hilarious tales of​ Stephanie Plum for​ when I'm riding alone .​
Another great reason to​ make sure you have an​ auto sound system that at​ the​ very least reads and​ understands MP3s.
The technology exists for​ this and​ I​ expect to​ see even more innovations technologically speaking in​ the​ way of​ auto sound systems and​ entertainment systems in​ the​ near and​ not so near future .​
We live in​ a​ world where technology is​ constantly evolving and​ we should see many new and​ wonderful features that will make our lives much more enjoyable for​ our daily commute .​
Whether you are new to​ the​ technology of​ today, fighting it​ mightily, or​ happily embracing it-it isn't showing any signs of​ stopping or​ slowing down .​
This means that you will eventually have to​ face the​ fact that the​ old ways of​ buying an​ auto sound system will soon be obsolete .​
I​ often joke that we are rapidly becoming a​ society that is​ catching up with the​ Jetson's vision for​ the​ future .​
I​ also loudly lament my lack of​ a​ Rosie .​
At any rate, I​ am glad to​ see that the​ new technologies in​ auto sound systems are offering less of​ a​ one size fits all image and​ offering much more individual systems, even for​ passengers within a​ vehicle.

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