Autism Research And Education

Autism Research And Education

Autism Research-

Autism can be defined as​ an​ abnormal absorption with the self, which is​ marked by communication disorders and short attention span and inability to​ treat others as​ people. it​ drastically affects a​ person’s behavior with others as​ well as​ with self. The person suffering from autism is​ unable to​ relate to​ the world or​ comprehend it. an​ autistic often suffers from learning disabilities. a​ research shows that autism has increases as​ much as​ ten times over the last decade. Many researches have been carried out by psychologists and researchers to​ understand how an​ autistic’s mind functions and what is​ the wiring in​ the brain like.

Causes an​ symptoms of​ autism:

Most researchers believe that there are no definite reasons for autism to​ develop. it​ is​ more often than not genetically inherited. Also this disorder can be caused due to​ inappropriate before and after birth conditions. Any kind of​ damage caused to​ the brain can lead to​ autism.

The symptoms of​ autism are complex; hence diagnosis cannot be done very easily. During the early stages of​ autism, it​ becomes difficult to​ spot it, however as​ it​ goes on the becoming more and more severe, clear behavior differences can be noted. The person’s social interaction becomes greatly affected. an​ autistic shows an​ array of​ symptoms, including problems interacting with other people and repetitive behaviors. There are many autism research centers.

What does autism research aim at?

These researchers try to​ determine causes and treatments and prevention for autism. Researchers at​ the new center will seek to​ develop ways to​ identify different subcategories of​ autism. These researches are essential as​ allow clinicians to​ tailor interventions and make predictions about a​ child's future functioning. Some researches believe that autistic children can be cured and these children can grow up and lead lives as​ normal adults.

The researchers have also differentiated between 2 categories of​ autism, complex and essential. These categories are studied and separate treatments are drawn. The children require quiet atmosphere to​ concentrate and learn social skill. Given a​ chance to​ have specialized education and structured support these children can be completely treated of​ the disorder.

Autism Education:

Autism is​ a​ brain disorder that begins in​ early childhood and persists throughout adulthood which affects three crucial areas of​ development that are communication and language, social interaction, and creative or​ imaginative play.

Education for autism:
Past two decades, many effective strategies have been developed to​ teach children and teenagers who have been diagnosed with autism but however not everyone involved in​ education or​ even special education is​ knowledgeable about all these methods.  Few teachers work in​ an​ autism-specific classroom and most are responsible for classes where a​ variety of​ disabilities is​ represented.  Now a​ days overworked and stressed teachers may not have the time or​ the resources to​ implement an​ effective program for every child hence it​ is​ important for parents to​ develop a​ sense of​ their child's learning style, and to​ educate themselves about what strategies will best help their child to​ succeed in​ school. at​ last parents are said to​ be the best teacher of​ their child. Some education centers or​ organization listed below:
* The Autism Education Network’s mission is​ to​ improve public special education programs and to​ influence public policy that affects individuals with autism and this mission uses new technology and the Internet to​ connect in​ order to​ empower people that affect to​ change.
* The TEACCH (treatment and education of​ autistic and related communication handicapped children) mission helps to​ enable individuals with autism to​ function as​ meaningfully and as​ independently as​ possible in​ the community and they also provide exemplary services throughout North Carolina to​ individuals with autism and their families and those who serve and support them.

* NECC - 30 Years of​ Autism Education in​ New England
The New England Center for Children (NECC), a​ school for autism located 20 miles west of​ Boston in​ Southborough, Massachusetts is​ a​ private, nonprofit autism education center dedicated to​ bringing out human potential and creating productive lives for children with autism. Since 1975, this school provides state-of-the-art autism education and individualized treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), and Asperger’s Syndrome.
* RAE(resource in​ autism education ) is​ an​ organization committed to​ providing the highest quality behavioral intervention services to​ children diagnosed with autism and related Pervasive Development Disorders and also empowers people with autism.

Hence these organizations help autistic people to​ improve them.

Autism Research And Education

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