Austin Real Estate Now Is The Time To Buy

Austin Real Estate Now Is The Time To Buy

If you are thinking of​ relocating to​ the​ state of​ Texas, it​ may interest you to​ know that Austin real estate is​ a​ buyers market at​ this time. as​ we move into summer Austin real estate generally starts seeing more sales, and​ that is​ what we are seeing. With all the​ issues in​ the​ national market and​ with the​ subprime mortgage crisis, there was some worry that the​ Austin real estate market would not heat up in​ the​ summer but sales appear to​ be on the​ increase. Buyers are seeing much better deals than they saw this time last year.

The economic outlook for​ Austin generally mirrors the​ Texas forecast: local job and​ population growth outperforms the​ national economy. the​ Texas Workforce Commission predicts 3.1% job growth and​ the​ unemployment rate for​ December 2018 was estimated at​ 3.6%, down from 5.1% in​ the​ Austin area during October 2018.

Job growth is​ expected in​ Austin’s traditional strong employment areas, such as​ government, education, and​ health services. Austin is​ the​ state capital and​ seat of​ Travis County, which makes government a​ major employer. Austin’s local, state, and​ federal government employs more than 150,000 workers and​ that number is​ expected to​ increase. With the​ University of​ Texas and​ over twenty other colleges within 30 miles, Austin will need more educators. Austin continues to​ employ many workers in​ the​ leisure and​ hospitality industry, and​ large healthcare employers are expected to​ add workers in​ the​ near future. With the​ high quality of​ life and​ the​ increasing population, Austin should see positive job growth through 2018.

The quality of​ life and​ entertainment opportunities are another reason that Austin is​ a​ bright and​ thriving city with a​ diverse cultural scene. Austin is​ rich with theaters, live music venues, excellent restaurants and​ unique shopping centers. Population growth in​ Austin is​ driven by the​ high quality of​ life in​ the​ region, with the​ area being ranked as​ a​ top destination for​ relocating singles and​ families.

Buying and​ selling Austin real estate can be overwhelming so an​ experienced realtor that will provide you with information, but won't pressure you is​ advisable. They currently have over 11,000 properties to​ choose from in​ the​ Austin, Texas area.

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