Atn Scopes Tips For Buying Right The First Time

Atn Scopes Tips For Buying Right The First Time

ATN stands for American Technologies Network and if​ you're in​ the market for a​ great night vision scope then ATN can provide you with exactly what you need. Night vision scopes can be a​ touchy subject legally in​ some areas so always make sure you check local regulations in​ relation to​ hunting at​ night or​ even the ownership and use of​ a​ night vision scope. All things being equal and legal the night vision scopes produced by ATN can really give you a​ strong advantage in​ the field.

ATN scopes can be used by anyone but are generally used and intended for use by law enforcement agencies, military snipers and anyone involved in​ predatory hunting. ATN have, over the years, built up an​ excellent reputation for incredible accuracy and an​ equally impressive construction and build quality.

If you do decide to​ check out ATN scopes then you have several choices with this brand. From titanium mounting system to​ Image Intensifier tubes to​ rails which allow the addition of​ light systems or​ even backup iron sights ATN are a​ truly versatile product in​ their market.

One of​ the ATN scopes that all shooters will want to​ have a​ look at​ is​ the Aries MK330 Warrior model. This is​ a​ very affordable scope known for its high quality. Features on this sight include an​ extremely fast front lens system that provides excellence in​ brightness as​ well as​ a​ reticle brightness adjustment which operates at​ just the touch of​ a​ button. an​ Infared Illuminator is​ also provided which is​ completely detachable and extremely powerful. With this extra addition, you gain the capability of​ seeing your target up to​ 150 yards away in​ complete darkness. With a​ fantastic ergonomic design, this scope is​ extremely easy to​ use in​ total darkness.

Another option offered by ATN scopes is​ the Aries 390 Paladin. This is​ one of​ the best scopes on the market, typically outperforming most of​ the competition - even the more expensive competitor models. Like other scopes produced by ATN, the Aries 390 Paladin features an​ ergonomic design for ease of​ use in​ the dark. Optical resolution was increased on this model to​ allow more light to​ travel through the lens all the way to​ the tube; giving you a​ sharper and brighter image each and every time. a​ precise aiming system was also added to​ this model along with the famous detachable Infrared Illuminator featuring dedicated elevation and windage adjustment.

Last but not least is​ the Aries MK258 in​ the ATN scope range. This scope is​ often referred to​ as​ the Smart Scope - and with very good reason. Not only is​ it​ quite affordable but it​ also includes several features that are extremely smart such as​ an​ upgraded 90mm lens and 4x magnification. Digital technology adds even more power and higher light amplification. a​ truly impressive scope with a​ range of​ features that normally demand a​ higher ticket price.

So if​ you're looking for a​ great range of​ night vision scopes at​ truly affordable prices you could do much worse than investing in​ an​ ATN scope.

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