Aspergers Syndrome General Information

Aspergers Syndrome General Information

Aspergers Syndrome is​ a​ type of​ Autism, however, the symptoms are usually much milder and less distressing to​ those people around them. However, it​ is​ still a​ serious condition which affects 1-2 people in​ 2000, of​ which, more tend to​ be boys than girls.

Aspergers Syndrome wasn’t widely recognized by parents and professionals as​ recently as​ in​ the 1990’s. Autism itself was first diagnosed in​ 1943.

Despite what could be seen as​ a​ significant problem for the sufferers of​ Aspergers Syndrome, many people with this condition lead very successful and productive lives.

Autism is​ a​ neurological disorder. Nobody knows exactly what causes it​ although there does seem to​ be a​ high degree of​ evidence which suggests that it​ may be genetic. in​ many cases, where one child in​ a​ family has autism or​ Aspergers Syndrome, there is​ a​ significant chance that any other children will also have this condition either to​ a​ lesser or​ greater degree.

It is​ possible that there are other factors which may cause this condition either before during or​ after the birth of​ a​ child. at​ this present time, we don’t know the answers to​ this question although hopefully after much research, the answer will be found.

There is​ no simple test to​ diagnose Aspergers Syndrome or​ Autism, the diagnosis is​ done by taking a​ developmental history and observation of​ the patient.

There isn’t any cure for either Aspergers Syndrome or​ Autism either. However, with a​ lot of​ hard work, many sufferers of​ Aspergers live ordinary lives with few difficulties.

Aspergers symptoms include
- Deficiency in​ social skills
- Difficulty with accepting changes to​ their environment
- They may be very pre-occupied with a​ specific topic and study it​ and talk about it​ incessantly, becoming very proficient in​ it.
- Find it​ difficult to​ read non verbal communication signals and tend to​ have poor body space i.e. they will invade other peoples space unknowingly.

Despite these symptoms, many sufferers from Aspergers live normal lives and in​ some cases, probably due to​ their obsession with a​ particular topic, may become very successful.

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