Asian Skin Needs Anti Ageing Help And Protection

Asian Skin Needs Anti Ageing Help And Protection

Asian Skin Needs AntiAgeing Help and​ Protection
Asian skin can suffer from specific problems that can’t be addressed using regular beauty industry moisturisers and​ facial products. ​
Asian skin is​ thicker than white skin and​ can be leathery in​ appearance. ​
This means it​ needs richer,​ deeper penetrating creams. ​
the​ ideal moisturiser for Asian skin should contain a​ high Sun Protection Factor SPF to​ prevent further darkening of​ skin colour,​ and​ antioxidants for protection against harmful free radicals and​ pollution. ​

Younger Asian women in​ particular want their skin to​ appear lighter and​ blemish free with even skin tone. ​
In this quest for an ivory complexion,​ many Asian women have used potentially harmful skin peels,​ or​ taken expensive tablets that claim to​ work from within,​ to​ lighten the​ skin. ​
Unfortunately many of​ these products contain harsh ingredients,​ and​ can produce uneven lightanddark patches over the​ face and​ body. ​
I ​ do not want the​ next generation to​ risk harming their skin in​ this way,​ and​ I ​ have researched the​ safest skin lighteners available. ​
Kojic acid is​ the​ active ingredient in​ the​ latest safe skin lightener. ​
it​ helps lighten skin colour by inhibiting the​ production of​ melanin that causes skin darkening and​ age spots. ​
the​ skin takes between 48 weeks to​ renew its layers,​ so during that time the​ new lighter skin cells come through and​ the​ whole complexion will look fresher and​ brighter. ​

Dark patches around the​ eyes are a​ problem for a​ lot of​ Asian women,​ and​ they often appear across the​ forehead and​ cheeks. ​
This is​ usually a​ consequence of​ pregnancy or​ hormonal changes at ​ the​ menopause. ​
These blemishes can be unsightly,​ and​ many women would like to​ get rid of​ them without using harmful chemicals or​ undergoing cosmetic surgery. ​
the​ skin around the​ eyes is​ much finer than the​ rest of​ the​ face,​ and​ cannot absorb a​ normal face cream. ​
if ​ we​ compare the​ thickness of​ skin on​ the​ various parts of​ our body to​ paper,​ the​ delicate eye area would be like tissue paper,​ the​ face like writing paper,​ and​ the​ neck like wrapping paper. ​
a​ skin treatment cream for this delicate area needs the​ correct consistency for absorption around the​ eyes,​ otherwise puffiness and​ swelling will be made worse. ​
a​ mild skin bleaching ingredient such as​ kojic acid can be used in​ an eye treatment cream,​ to​ reduce the​ appearance of​ dark eye circles. ​

Sun damage is​ also a​ major hazard for Asian skin not only making it​ darker,​ but also causing blemishes and​ scarring. ​
There are safe skin treatments designed to​ prevent or​ repair sun damage,​ at ​ any age by using vitamins a​ and​ E with antioxidants. ​
This combination will help to​ boost the​ skin’s immune system and​ can reduce the​ appearance of​ existing blemishes by speeding up tissue repair. ​
Lypozomes are another important ingredient,​ as​ they help fade brown spots by changing the​ rate of​ skin cell clustering,​ and​ leave the​ skin looking younger and​ clearer. ​

Using these skin care ingredients is​ not vanity they are a​ vital protection for healthy skin in​ today’s environment. ​
When buying cream for Asian skin,​ you should ask which active ingredients it​ contains,​ and​ whether the​ products have been tested to​ local safety standards. ​
In the​ UK this means they should be tested in​ accordance with Department of​ Trade & Industry requirements,​ to​ ensure safety and​ effectiveness. ​
Most of​ us will also want to​ check that the​ products have not been tested on​ animals.

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