As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

What do you do before you go to​ sleep at​ night?

I don’t mean brush your teeth and change into your nice blue pyjamas with the little white sheep on.

I mean what do you do in​ your head?

Do you think about anything specific? The next day? The day you’ve just got through?

Or do you tap into an​ incredibly powerful part of​ you and set it​ to​ work, so that it​ gets the whole night to​ work on things for you so when you wake up you have answers to​ questions you asked?

I bet you’d like to​ know how to​ do that wouldn’t you?

Well, the good news is, it’s simple, so easy, even I can do it!

Ok, I’ll tell you … here’s the secret.

When you go to​ sleep at​ night, it​ is​ only your conscious mind that sleeps. Your sub-conscious mind keeps on working. if​ it​ went to​ sleep, you’d have a​ few problems as​ it​ controls important things like your breathing and heart! So naturally, it​ keeps working and is​ “awake” all night long.

Now your sub-conscious mind just happens to​ be rather good at​ processing information and connecting random dots to​ make works of​ art.

So when you go to​ sleep, focus your mind on the things that are bothering you and ask your sub-conscious mind to​ help.

Naturally, I decided I was going to​ experiment with this on myself and see what it​ would do. For a​ number of​ weeks I used to​ say this to​ myself every single night when I put my head on the pillow, before I went to​ sleep.

“I ask my sub-conscious mind to​ work on all of​ my issues and challenges in​ life and replace them with positive, empowering programs.”

I did this for a​ couple of​ days and to​ be honest, I didn’t really feel much.

I decided to​ keep it​ up because I was curious what would happen if​ I did and if​ it​ really would be effective.

Anyway, about day 3 or​ 4 I started to​ feel a​ bit perkier than normal. I found myself feeling a​ bit more positive, more bouncy and I started to​ do things that I had been putting off for ages (and by ages, I mean months!).

I didn’t really think anything of​ it, but kept my experiment up. About a​ week after I started I was feeling really good and very bouncy and full of​ life.

Again, I thought nothing of​ it, not connecting my pre-bedtime intention with this change.

Then one day a​ friend happened to​ ask me if​ I’d been taking happy pills because I was annoyingly positive and then it​ hit me.

Every night for the last ten days or​ so I had been setting this intention and gradually I had been feeling better and better. it​ wasn’t a​ massive change all of​ a​ sudden, just a​ series of​ small changes.

I smiled at​ my friend and jumped around very excitedly sharing with her what I had been doing and the results it​ was having for me.

Of course, she was really excited and has been doing exactly the same every night since and is​ still shocked by how such a​ little thing is​ having such a​ big difference.

So, when you go to​ sleep at​ night as​ you set your alarm clock, set your intention too, and wake up and feel the difference!

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