Arizona College 23

There is​ a​ wide choice of​ educational opportunities in​ the state of​ Arizona, to​ meet every aspiration. Eastern Arizona College is​ one of​ several community colleges and is​ located in​ Graham County. The main campus is​ at​ Thatcher and it​ is​ the oldest college of​ its kind in​ the state. it​ was opened in​ 1888 by the Church of​ Jesus Christ of​ LatterDay Saints but the state has owned it​ since 1933 and it​ doesnt have any religious ties today. The college is​ divided into nine academic interests. They are Business, Communicative Arts, Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education, Industrial Technology Education, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Science and Allied Health and Social Sciences.
Another well respected community college has three main campuses. The Central Arizona College operates from Signal Peak in​ Coolidge, Aravaipa in​ Winkelman and Superstition Mountain campus at​ Apache Junction. The college offers degree courses and occupational certificates. The student body is​ encouraged to​ participate in​ sports and there are several teams. Both men and women have teams in​ basketball, cross country, track and field and rodeo. There is​ also a​ womens softball team and a​ mens baseball team.
There are colleges that teach single subjects too and one of​ these is​ the University of​ Arizona College of​ Pharmacy in​ Tucson. The college campus is​ at​ the University and it​ was established in​ 1947. Students undertake a​ four year Doctor of​ Pharmacy program. The college has an excellent reputation and was placed fourth in​ the poll of​ Americas Best Graduate Schools.
Southwestern College is​ a​ Christian institution, based in​ Phoenix. The college awards regionally accredited degrees in​ Christian Ministries, Business Administration, Behavioral Health, Biblical Studies, Family Studies, Music Ministry and Music Education. There are also programs in​ Elementary Education and Secondary Education.
Glendale College is​ another community college and this Arizona college runs Associate Degree Programs, Industry Training and Certificate Programs. The main campus is​ at​ Glendale. it​ opened for admissions in​ 1965. in​ addition to​ academic success, the college football team has also been successful.
The Yavapai College is​ a​ community college in​ Yavapai County with its main campus at​ Prescott and other campuses at​ Clarkdale, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Sedona. This Arizona college offers six Associate Degree programs in​ Arts or​ Science, Business, Arts in​ Elementary Education, Fine Arts, General Studies and Applied Science. The college is​ at​ the forefront of​ sports with mens teams for baseball, basketball and soccer. Women have teams in​ basketball, cross country and volleyball.

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