Are You Still Sleeping With That Pain In The Neck

Are You Still Sleeping With That Pain In The Neck

There are many sleeping pillows to​ choose from, cotton, wool, latex, polyester or​ natural filling like goose down. Most pillows come soft, medium and firm. a​ down bedding specialist will carry high quality goose down that will stay lofty. You will be able to​ try many pillows with different qualities of​ goose down and each a​ different firmness. Generally, people who are stomach sleepers require a​ soft pillow, back sleepers a​ medium pillow and side sleepers a​ firm pillow, unless they are petite then a​ medium would be better. Some down bedding specialists will offer the service of​ adjusting the pillow once you have slept on it​ a​ few nights. Now that’s the perfect sleeping pillow.

A high quality goose down pillow with the right amount of​ filling will cradle your head and keep your head at​ the correct angle for a​ good night’s sleep. a​ high quality white goose down and the proper care will prevent the pillow from flattening out, keeping the loft to​ support your head and spine in​ the correct alignment. Regular cleaning and conditioning (not washing or​ dry-cleaning) by a​ down specialist will not only sanitize the down, it​ will re-fluff it​ and keep it​ lofty, and remove any dust. You should clean your down pillows about every 3 - 4 years to​ keep them fresh and fluffy. Choose a​ high threadcount for the casing to​ ensure the down will not “leak” out. Swiss Batiste is​ the lightest, most durable and the most downproof material with a​ very high threadcount. Any cotton cambric 300 and over will be very durable and downproof.

So for that all important personal pillow, get what you really need for a​ perfect night’s sleep. Choose a​ high quality Eiderdown or​ white goose down pillow and have it​ made just for you. You will be rewarded with years of​ sleeping without that pain in​ the neck. Once you have your perfect pillow, get an​ extra one for traveling. You will not want to​ be without it.

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