Are You A Sports Car Fanatic Meet The New 2018 Jaguar Xkr

Are You A Sports Car Fanatic Meet The New 2018 Jaguar Xkr

Lustrous and​ elegant, the​ new 2018 Jaguar XKR concept also has been finally unveiled. the​ two-door convertible and​ four-seater coupe XKR represents the​ latest technology in​ lightweight vehicle structure of​ future Jaguar vehicles. it​ also shows off fine design and​ efficient performance. the​ Jaguar XKR truly offers its occupants nothing but a​ smooth and​ sporty driving experience.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director or​ Design states: "We talk at​ Jaguar of​ how our new generation of​ models are 'beautiful, fast cars'. It's a​ phrase that ideally sums up our brand and​ can be applied to​ every car we design. We were extremely proud of​ the​ reaction to​ the​ new XK when it​ was unveiled last year - it​ is​ as​ beautiful as​ you would expect a​ Jaguar sports car to​ be. Now, the​ new XKR has a​ look that emphasizes the​ 'fast' aspect of​ our design statement. the​ 'powerline' that runs from the​ front wheel through the​ cabin area and​ into the​ car's rear haunches remains, and​ we have added to​ that latent feeling of​ power by adding some strong performance features such as​ the​ vents that signify the​ potent supercharger and​ the​ stunning new alloys that fill the​ wheel arches and​ give the​ car real purpose."

The Jaguar XKR convertible is​ considered as​ the​ most potent model in​ the​ Jaguar family. Like other XK Jaguar models, the​ new XKR also provides modern technology features like the​ aluminum monocoque body structure. the​ unique front bumper design showcases the​ sporty side of​ Jaguar models. the​ Jaguar XKR is​ equipped with the​ supercharged V-8 4.2-liter engine and​ the​ high-class calibration six-speed automatic transmission that helps the​ driver to​ have a​ nice drift on the​ road. the​ up-rated 420 HP that produces an​ amount of​ 413 pounds of​ torque shows the​ improved performance of​ the​ new XKR. the​ improvement in​ power and​ torque of​ the​ XKR is​ obtained because of​ the​ latest additions on the​ engine components. for​ the​ very first time, Jaguar engineers equipped the​ new XKR with the​ Variable Inlet Camshaft Timing System. This added system helps the​ engine to​ adjust in​ various situations depending on the​ speed and​ the​ volume of​ load.

Interior features of​ the​ new Jaguar XKR include the​ high-class sport-designed seats and​ a​ spacious cabin that will surely offer a​ comfortable ride for​ its occupants. an​ easy to​ use instrument panel and​ a​ clear dashboard area also provide efficiency in​ driving. the​ new 2018 Jaguar XKR is​ remarkably a​ true and​ elegant sports car.

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