Are You Looking For Effective Ways To Improve Your Advertisements

Are You Looking For Effective Ways To Improve Your Advertisements

Most people just think that throwing some words and​ pictures with your business name attached to​ it​ will result in​ increased sales. How wrong they are. it​ is​ one of​ the​ reasons that there are BIG advertising companies and​ billions are spend on advertising each year. Obviously, as​ a​ small business owner you don’t have that kind of​ money. Regardless of​ your advertising budget however, the​ bottom line is​ that you don’t want to​ throw your money away to​ the​ advertisers. You want to​ be paying for​ ads that are effective.

When writing effective ads there are two very important things that your ads need to​ say. First, you need to​ tell the​ customer about your business. Your location, products, services etc. They need to​ know where they can find you and​ what you are about. Second, the​ products themselves and​ how they will help your client. Look at​ other businesses & how they use their advertising to​ attract customers to​ their business.

When writing the​ words within the​ ad, remember a​ few things to​ keep the​ customer interested in​ your ad:

* You could decrease or​ increase the​ length of​ your advertisement. There is​ no rule on how long your ad should be unless space is​ an​ issue. the​ ad should be long enough to​ sell your product.

* You could add some sub headlines within your advertisement. Sub headlines act just like headlines; they grab the​ reader’s attention. They'll keep the​ readers interested as​ they continue to​ read your ad.

* You could ask your reader questions through out the​ advertisement. They will answer the​ questions in​ their own head as​ they read your ad. the​ questions you ask should persuade the​ reader into buying.

* You could highlight keywords through out your advertisement. the​ keywords should be attractive to​ your target audience. You could highlight them with color, underlines, italics, etc.

* You could bullet or​ indent the​ benefits of​ your product or​ service on your advertisement. Must people won't read a​ whole ad, so make the​ benefits from your products or​ services standout and​ you won't lose the​ sales from all the​ skimmers.

* You could change the​ size of​ your text on your advertisement. You want to​ make your text large enough so it's not hard to​ read. You also want your headline and​ major points to​ be larger so they will standout.

* You could raise or​ lower the​ price on your advertisement. a​ higher price could increase the​ perceived value of​ your product and​ a​ lower price could lesson your product's value.

* You could add proof of​ results on your advertisement. You should include testimonials, endorsements, and​ factual statistics to​ prove your product's claims.

* You could add special offers on your advertisement. It's usually easier to​ sell the​ offer than the​ product. You could use discounts, free bonuses, and​ volume discounts.

* You could eliminate the​ technical words in​ your advertisement. Unless your product calls for​ complex words, remove them. You want your ad to​ be read without people pulling out a​ dictionary.

* One technique that is​ used often in​ advertising, is​ telling people what will happen if​ they buy or​ don’t buy your product. You could show them how this will solve their problem, or​ “remind them” of​ how the​ problem will still exist without your product or​ service.

* You could end your advertisement with a​ question they will always say yes too. They then will be used to​ saying yes when you ask them to​ order.

* You could end your advertisement with a​ deadline. Tell them it's a​ limited time offer and​ they need to​ order by a​ specific date.

Using these tips will help your ads dramatically improve. Good luck!

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