Are You Handicapped Without A Sports Handicapper

Are You Handicapped Without A Sports Handicapper

It’s a​ conundrum that many ATS fortune hunters face. Sports gambling can be a​ great leisurely activity for​ all, but for​ the​ well-versed sports prophesier, it​ can be a​ lucrative enterprise.

Having twice Chaired international searches for​ elite sports handicappers, once as​ GM of​ Freescoreboard, the​ first toll-free coast-to-coast scorephone network and​ than at​, widely accepted as​ the​ foremost handicapping site, I can tell you the​ quality sports handicappers are few and​ far between.

There are sharpies and​ wise guys who do make a​ lot of​ money sports gambling, but it​ takes the​ ability to​ both line-shop and​ forebode the​ outcome of​ games to​ make it​ profitable.

While my clients’ line-tracking skills are their own, the​ most important doomsday machine that an​ odds protégée can harbor is​ knowing the​ right sides and​ totals to​ monitor. as​ the​ musician was told on the​ way to​ Carnegie Hall, the​ only solution is​ practice, practice, and​ practice.

Let there be no doubt that there are a​ limited number of​ qualified professional handicapping experts and​ we have several of​ the​ elite few on Unfortunately the​ consumer is​ forced to​ ferret through the​ much more commonplace coin flippers with a​ grandiloquent sales pitch before unearthing the​ maestro confidants.

Too often desperate gamblers are clay pigeons for​ a​ windbag who talks the​ talk, but cannot walk the​ walk. Sometimes the​ other extreme happens. Ironically so many clients thinking they are suave patrons fall prey to​ the​ wolves in​ sheep’s clothing.

They are bamboozled into thinking virtuous means a​ virtuoso. it​ befuddles me how these people are the​ most easily hoodwinked considering how they present themselves as​ the​ more discriminating shoppers of​ sports investment advisors.

I have seen on Internet posting boards for​ example gamblers assign credibility to​ handicappers using the​ bottom rung criterion of​ merely admitting to​ losing days. Any huckster can merely come clean on heads covering when he picked tails. Professional gamblers can only sneer at​ such easily mislead gamblers who keep the​ bookmakers in​ business for​ the​ rest of​ us.

The polished magnate is​ much more concerned with handicappers who have few losers to​ proclaim than those who think sportsbooks are merely confessional booths. "Bookmaker forgive me for​ I have lost, it​ has been three weeks since my last winner." if​ you can find a​ bookmaker who accepts “"ail Marys" and​ "Our Fathers" as​ payment, more power to​ you. the​ rest of​ you, I would implore you to​ set the​ bar much higher when purchasing advice.

In Advertising 101, they teach to​ "Sell the​ sizzle and​ not the​ steak." But there really is​ no correlation between hard-sell/soft-peddle and​ legitimate/illegitimate in​ this field.
Let me elaborate though. This is​ not to​ say that one should give merit to​ the​ notorious snake oil salesmen. Rest assured anyone who claims "inside information" or​ implies that a​ game is​ a​ sure thing; the​ only forgone conclusion is​ that you better hope the​ shyster that you paid used the​ lucky paper clip.

A sharp player never merely gives the​ squeakiest wheel the​ oil, but also does not fall for​ the​ façade of​ legitimacy that uninformed consumers effortlessly acquiesce to​ the​ soft-peddlers.

Some brag because they can do it, others ballyhoo because a​ sales pitch is​ all they have got.

Quite often I get an​ email from someone saying that they want me to​ give them my premium picks for​ a​ few weeks and​ than if​ they are satisfied they will purchase a​ long-term package.

Even though gambling by its mere definition involves, well a​ "gamble" I wish all the​ worldly endeavors that by their nature involve less risk than gambling could come with such guarantee and​ free lunches as​ requested by the​ likes that I just mentioned.

Well speaking of​ free lunches, my only other obsession besides triumphant prognostication is​ dining. Could you imagine if​ I went in​ a​ restaurant and​ told them they should give me a​ few free meals before I determined if​ I wanted to​ consent to​ buying a​ meal?

Do not misconstrue what I assert, restaurants and​ many other businesses give free samples. Oh, I am so enlightened on that. My wife saw on television one day about how easy it​ is​ to​ acquire free samples via the​ Internet. Our life and​ mailbox has never been the​ same since. But I digress.

Car dealers certainly allow test drives. Likewise, reputable handicappers allow you to​ not only get free selections, but also even more importantly enable you to​ experience, savor and​ partake in​ their expertise. Well-informed and​ experienced handicappers should have no problem proving their proficiency before a​ game even starts with the​ profoundness of​ their accompanied analysis.

What, there was no reasoning and​ justification given with their free play? Purchase at​ your own risk. Caveat emptor. if​ a​ selection looks like a​ shot in​ the​ dark, it​ probably is. if​ a​ sports stockbroker is​ well informed, he has no reason not to​ flaunt it. But if​ a​ robber baron is​ trying to​ simply pawn off a​ guess, it​ is​ tough to​ present scrutiny and​ research when it​ consists of​ a​ wink and​ a​ smile.

But again, those who happily make payment for​ blind faith underwrite the​ bookmakers so they can painlessly benefact those of​ us who live and​ breathe sports betting.

A learned foreteller should have articulate widely published articles on gaming theory and​ strategy. Any handicapper who wants your patronage would be happy to​ showcase gaming scholarly doctrine. it​ is​ his best sales tool.

An educated buyer is​ good for​ both the​ gambler and​ top shelf handicapper. But those who want to​ judge all professional speculators by the​ actions of​ the​ most notorious are doing themselves and​ the​ true pros an​ injustice. Prejudice against members of​ any profession may be more politically correct than preconceived notions against someone because of​ their race, color or​ creed, but it​ is​ narrow-minded bigotry nonetheless.

Neither blind faith nor McCarthyism towards professional handicappers will do you fairness. But investing money in​ the​ proper middleman is​ most conducive to​ making coach potatoism a​ bull market.

Are You Handicapped Without A Sports Handicapper

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