Are You Buying A Stolen Vehicle

Are You Buying A Stolen Vehicle

Auto and car theft is​ a​ crime. in​ truth, the term “motor vehicle theft” could actually be used to​ refer to​ instances where automobiles, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks, and other similar means of​ transportation are stolen. You see, this crime is​ actually punishable as​ a​ felony. This is​ primarily because this kind of​ situation causes extreme emotional and economic distress to​ its victim and to​ the society as​ well.

Many automobiles and cars are being stolen every minute. And it​ could be reflected in​ the various terms and phrases that has arisen and created to​ refer to​ it. Carjacking is​ one term and it​ means stealing a​ vehicle while it​ is​ still occupied by the owner or​ the driver. Another one is​ joyriding and it​ refers to​ stealing a​ motor vehicle and then later on abandoning it.

Of course, there have been ways and actions that the authorities have come up with to​ assist consumers and customers with ways to​ ward off any attempts at​ stealing their vehicles. in​ the United States, it​ is​ required that motor vehicles have vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and they must be registered with a​ vehicle licensing authority. if​ a​ vehicle has a​ VIN, it​ makes reselling a​ stolen vehicle very hard.

As per statistics, the Federal Bureau of​ Investigation (FBI) claims that a​ motor vehicle is​ actually stolen every 25 seconds in​ the United States and the chances of​ recovering them dwindle to​ something much lower than 50 percent.

According to​ Larry Gamache of​ Carfax, “Car thieves go into car lots to​ find vehicles that match the cars they steal. They’ll take off the VIN plate and put it​ on one they just stole. Then they’ll sell it​ to​ someone who has no idea it’s a​ stolen vehicle.”

With that, it​ is​ important to​ note the VIN of​ your vehicle before you purchase a​ car. Try checking the VIN number on the dashboard and compare it​ with the car’s title documents. You can check it​ out for discrepancies. And if​ you find any, it​ means that something sure is​ wrong. Gamache also adds, “You should also match that number in​ other places, including under the hood and at​ the door jamb on the driver’s side. Then check that vehicle ID number to​ make sure it​ matches in​ all three spots.”

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