Are There Any Good Restaurants On Walking Street

Are There Any Good Restaurants On Walking Street

There are a​ bunch of​ great places to​ eat that will suit every budget. You can choose from local street vendors or​ you can splurge on a​ fantastic seafood dinner.

The street vendors are mostly located just off of​ Walking Street down the​ small lanes or​ sois. They sell everything from bar-b-que on a​ stick to​ rice and​ noodle dishes. Prices are very cheap and​ you can get a​ meal or​ a​ snack for​ les than 2 dollars.

If you want Thai food in​ a​ nicer setting, there are many restaurants up and​ down the​ street. You can get western or​ Thai food at​ reasonable prices.

Some of​ the​ bars also offer food or​ provide menus that you can easily order from. You can order any item on the​ menu and​ have your full course meal while enjoying your favorite adult beverage.

If you are in​ the​ mood for​ seafood, there are 3 or​ 4 restaurants that have your favorite fish, lobster or​ crab on ice or​ still swimming around. Your meal will be excellent and​ cost about 25% of​ what you would pay at​ home. and​ the​ view of​ Pattaya Bay is​ magnificent. King Seafood is​ my favorite.

If seafood isn’t your favorite, you can always get Italian. Don Joe's is​ right on Walking Street and​ overlooks the​ bay. You can get pizza, pasta or​ lasagna in​ a​ great location with superb service. Many of​ the​ bars located near Don Joe's can provide a​ menu and​ will let you eat in​ the​ bar while you have a​ cold beer.

Another favorite of​ mine are the​ kebab sandwiches that some of​ the​ vendors sell. You will see chicken, pork or​ lamb on a​ vertical spit and​ you can get a​ sandwich with all the​ trimmings for​ about 50 Baht – or​ $1.50 US. the​ meat will be trimmed and​ put into pita bread and​ then you can add cucumbers, tomatoes, and​ onions. Catsup and​ other sauces are also available. Chicken kebabs are my favorite and​ the​ girls in​ the​ bars will be happy to​ grab one for​ you.

Probably the​ best part of​ Walking Street is​ that you can get food any time of​ day or​ night. Whether eating local style at​ one of​ the​ many street vendors, or​ going for​ the​ crab or​ lobster at​ King Seafood it​ is​ entirely up to​ you. You can even get a​ burger and​ fries if​ you want. and​ dessert is​ available too – you can get an​ Italian ice or​ some fresh fruit.

Walking Street is​ a​ fun place to​ go to​ for​ the​ bars and​ the​ girls but it​ is​ also a​ super place to​ get some excellent food.

Are There Any Good Restaurants On Walking Street

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