Are Natural Skin Care Products The Answer To All Problems

Are Natural Skin Care Products The Answer To All Problems

Are Natural skin care products the​ answer to​ all problems?
When it​ comes to​ skin care products,​ you will find that a​ lot of​ people are very particular about using only natural skin care products. ​
They treat all the​ synthetic products as​ harmful to​ the​ skin.
So,​ are natural skin care products the​ answer to​ all of​ our problems? What if ​ a​ natural skin care product is​ not available for the​ treatment of​ a​ particular skin disorder? Are the​ synthetic skin care products so harmful that they should be banned?
Different people have different answers to​ these questions. ​
However,​ the​ reality is​ that due to​ presence of​ synthetic preservatives,​ it’s really tough to​ find a​ natural skin care product that is​ 100% natural. ​
There are natural skin care products that have natural preservatives,​ but their cost might be detrimental. ​
Moreover,​ such natural skin products have a​ shorter shelf life and​ hence are not preferred by the​ manufacturers of​ natural skin care products. ​

Some people carry a​ wrong notion that since natural skin care products are natural,​ they cannot cause any harm to​ the​ skin. ​
The suitability of​ a​ skin care product is​ not based on​ whether it​ is​ synthetic or​ natural. ​
An unsuitable natural skin care product can harm you in​ almost the​ same way as​ a​ synthetic one. ​
So,​ use natural skin care products,​ but be open to​ synthetic ones too you might need them when a​ natural solution is​ not available
Your selection of​ a​ natural skin care product should be based on​ 3 factors
1. ​
The skin type dry,​ oily,​ normal,​ sensitive of​ the​ person who will use that natural skin care product
2. ​
The climatic conditions in​ which it​ will be used e.g. ​
hot and​ humid condition would warranty the​ use of​ oilfree natural skin care products.
3. ​
The process for application/use of​ the​ natural skin care product. ​
a​ good natural skin care product in​ fact any product can seem useless if ​ not used in​ the​ proper way.
You can also make natural skin care products by yourself,​ by using the​ recipes that are readily available on​ the​ internet and​ in​ the​ books at ​ book stores. ​

Use of​ organic fruits and​ vegetables is​ also popular as​ a​ natural skin care procedure. ​
Some essential oils,​ herbal oils,​ are useful too and​ are known for their moisturising and​ antiseptic properties
However,​ using a​ natural skin care product does not mean that you can exercise carelessness with other aspects of​ skin care. ​
Natural skin care products should be used like supplements to​ the​ following ‘essential’ recommendations healthy eating habits avoiding oily food,​ regular exercise,​ drinking a​ lot of​ water 8 glasses everyday,​ and​ cleanliness. ​
This will then form a​ perfect and​ completely natural skin care routine that will help maintain a​ healthy beautiful skin for longer time.
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