Are Exchange Programs Useful

Are Exchange Programs Useful?
Exchange programs started functioning in​ the​ middle of​ the​ nineteenth century and​ successfully continue their existence nowadays .​
They were established in​ order to​ restore peaceful existence after the​ World Wars and​ other major conflicts that shook the​ world recently .​
All the​ countries that get their economy onto the​ international level realize the​ importance of​ development of​ the​ partnership and​ establishment of​ common economical grounds .​
First exchange took place between the​ workers and​ professionals in​ order to​ share experience, skills and​ strategies, but now the​ authorities took the​ program to​ another level .​
Now students all over the​ world travel to​ other countries for​ definite periods of​ time and​ study in​ foreign universities receiving scholarships .​
This project has been successful for​ many years, but the​ major host, the​ US, suddenly cut the​ budget of​ the​ programs and​ stopped the​ development of​ others .​
This may be because of​ the​ increase of​ the​ military budget, or​ just because of​ the​ program being useful no longer? Let is​ investigate.
What are the​ major profits of​ the​ country-host, in​ this case the​ United States? the​ country itself is​ relatively young in​ comparison with European countries and​ therefore the​ history has its beginning when European countries were powerful and​ prospering .​
This can in​ no way be a​ major difference, but the​ cultures like Eastern European, Asian and​ African are unique and​ ancient and​ what is​ more important, completely different from those the​ US was formed of​ .​
The main contribution is​ a​ chance for​ the​ American families to​ host a​ child that can teach them and​ their children some mysteries about the​ world surrounding them .​
Little things matter and​ after being in​ contact with a​ person who was brought up in​ different world, you realize how much this young individual has brought into your world .​
Another profit is​ in​ establishment of​ good relations between the​ countries .​
Strong bonds created during the​ stay last long enough for​ the​ young men to​ keep in​ mind future possibilities of​ cooperation .​
A student that studied in​ a​ foreign country is​ looking forward to​ a​ bright future .​
a​ resume of​ such a​ student is​ full of​ facts and​ skills that are necessary for​ any type of​ job .​
Being an​ exchange student doesn’t only give you a​ possibility to​ study a​ foreign language, but also a​ chance to​ become independent, mature, responsible and​ attentive .​
The most important thing for​ a​ student is​ not to​ forget about his own culture, traveling around the​ globe .​
The person that doesn’t know his own culture can not be called a​ citizen .​
Respect for​ the​ ancestors, the​ history, the​ folkways and​ the​ morays of​ your nation, is​ what makes you educated.

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