Are Cookies Evil What Service Do Cookies Perform In A Web Browser

Are Cookies Evil What Service Do Cookies Perform In A Web Browser

Are cookies are bad and​ do they invade your privacy? We're not talking about the​ kind of​ cookie you eat, we're talking about computer cookies! It's not really true that cookies are evil.

So, what is​ a​ cookie, what's it​ made of​ and​ what does it​ do? a​ cookie is​ a​ tiny text file that a​ web site can put on your computer as​ you browse the​ pages on that web site. One thing people don't understand is​ that a​ web site can only read and​ write its own cookies, it​ cannot access another web site's cookies. Cookies are used for​ storing various items of​ information, such as​ a​ name, or​ a​ selection choice you made. This information will be read back from the​ when you load other pages on the​ site, or, on return visits to​ the​ site.

What reason does a​ web site need to​ use cookies? Web browsers are stateless, stateless means that as​ you through various pages on a​ web site, each of​ those pages is​ a​ separate and​ distinct action. for​ example, the​ web server does not know it's the​ same person that was on the​ home page that made the​ request for​ the​ order page. This is​ very different from desktop applications like Microsoft Excel that you run on your computer. the​ web server sees all page requests as​ individual requests for​ pages, not as​ a​ continuous visit from you. as​ you move through a​ web site and​ select things and​ make choices, what keeps you from having to​ reenter or​ reselect that information as​ you load each page? Usually the​ answer is​ a​ cookie. a​ cookie can be used by the​ web server to​ keep track of​ you as​ a​ user so that as​ you navigate from page a​ to​ page B, the​ web server knows it's you and​ the​ developer of​ the​ web site can reference those items stored in​ your cookie to​ maintain a​ stateful experience for​ your session or​ visit to​ the​ web site.

Occasionally, you may want or​ need to​ delete your cookies.

You can delete your cookies a​ few ways. Most web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, Opera,

etc.) have different ways to​ do this, so consult the​ help for​ your browser on how to​ delete the​ cache files and​ cookies. There are also several software packages to​ clean your PC and​ these packages also delete cookies.

Using cookies improves your user experience when browsing the​ Internet. is​ there a​ security risk or​ danger to​ cookies? a​ web site can use cookies for​ saving information that you enter into forms on web pages and​ that's where security concerns arise. Usually this never causes any problem, however, before letting someone use your computer, or​ taking your computer somewhere to​ be repaired or​ serviced, always delete your browser's cache and​ cookies!
Each browser is​ different, so consult your help files for​ the​ browser you use (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, Opera, etc.) for​ how to​ delete the​ cache files and​ cookies.

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