Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment
Archery is​ an​ ancient technique, with the​ main purpose was use during battles but is​ still popular today .​
There are many people who are fascinated by archery .​
Today archery is​ mostly confined to​ the​ sporting arenas but there was a​ time when it​ played a​ very vital role in​ the​ battlefield .​
There are innumerable stories about great archers in​ the​ ancient civilizations of​ Egypt, India, Greece and​ Persia .​
These archers are revered even today .​

Archery equipment consists of​ bows and​ arrows .​
Studies have shown that the​ bows were developed in​ either early Mesolithic age or​ late Paleolithic age .​
Earlier pines were used for​ making arrows but later different materials started to​ be used for​ the​ construction of​ the​ arrows .​

The archery equipment should be properly constructed and​ the​ material used should be of​ fine quality .​
if​ the​ bows are not proper then the​ archer will face difficulties in​ mounting the​ arrow .​
The arrows should be such that it​ is​ easily mountable on the​ bows .​
If the​ arrows are not properly mounted then the​ archer won’t be able to​ properly shoot the​ target.
The bows commonly used are: longbow, shortbow, flatbow, recurve bow, crossbow and​ compound bow .​
Longbow as​ the​ name suggests is​ very long; the​ length of​ the​ bow is​ equal to​ the​ height of​ the​ user and​ in​ some cases even exceeds the​ height of​ the​ user .​

The limb of​ the​ Flatbow is​ wider and​ the​ cross-section is​ rectangular in​ shape .​
Shortbow is​ shorter in​ length; it​ is​ light weight and​ has a​ short range .​
It was basically used for​ hunting purpose .​
In crossbow the​ limbs are mounted in​ a​ horizontal manner and​ not in​ a​ vertical manner .​
The compound bow is​ designed in​ such as​ manner that the​ archer is​ at​ his ease while mounting the​ bow .​
Shaft, arrowheads, nock and​ fletching constitute an​ archery arrow .​
Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, wood and​ fiberglass are used for​ the​ construction of​ the​ shaft .​
If the​ material is​ too heavy or​ too brittle then it​ should be discarded .​
The shaft should not be too flexible; it​ should be straight and​ easy to​ handle .​
At present arrows made of​ carbon alloys are popular and​ are being widely used by the​ archers .​
In fact arrows used in​ popular sports events like Olympic are made of​ carbon alloys .​
Archery equipment should be such that when an​ archer shoots an​ arrow the​ target should not be missed owing to​ air pressure .​
So it​ is​ important that the​ arrowhead and​ the​ fletching should be proper designed using a​ fine material.
The arrowhead and​ the​ fletching provide balance to​ the​ arrows .​
the​ fletching is​ generally made of​ plastic or​ bird feathers .​
Fletching is​ at​ the​ rear end of​ the​ arrow and​ it​ helps in​ the​ projectile motion of​ the​ arrow .​
While shooting the​ arrow the​ archer needs to​ have proper physical balance .​
the​ posture of​ the​ body, the​ eye and​ the​ way the​ archer is​ holding the​ bow should be proper .​
Proper archery equipment is​ needed for​ better archery .​
Never comprise with the​ quality of​ the​ equipment .​

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