Aquarium Fish Guide To Buying New Fish Part 1

Aquarium Fish Guide To Buying New Fish Part 1

It’s very important as​ part of​ your plan for having successful aquarium to​ take note of​ the type of​ inhabitants, which one of​ them is​ fish. Never buy fish before finding out about its requirement first.

You really need to​ take your time to​ ask questions and be very observant when you are in​ aquarium store. There are lots of​ aquarium stores with unknowledgeable owners so you don't base your decision on their advice alone make sure you take a​ look at​ the fish yourself. if​ the store has staffs you can make a​ friend with them they will possibly tell you more about the lifestyle of​ the fish you are intending to​ pick.
Though, we will be giving you some basic guidelines to​ consider when buying new fish.

The following points all need to​ be considered:

Is your tank at​ the right temperature?
Are your water conditions correct?
How big does it​ get? - it​ may be small now, but will your other fish be at​ risk when it​ grows?
Is it​ a​ territorial - or​ will it​ be happier in​ a​ group?
Can you supply the right food for it?

Remember that the key to​ successful fishkeeping is​ happy, stress-free fish, so don't be tempted into buying an​ incompatible species jut because you think it's attractive - you'll regret it.

Sometimes it​ can be difficult to​ be patient, particularly if​ the dealer has a​ species of​ fish that you really want. But it's important not to​ rush things. Don't try to​ add too many fish to​ your tank at​ once - and always check that the fish are healthy.

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