Appropriate Massage Equipment

Appropriate Massage Equipment

Massage, while luxurious and​ pampering for​ its receivers, is​ a​ serious profession for​ its deliverers requiring enormous knowledge, an​ advanced skill set, and​ unmatched professionalism. and​ along with this – in​ order to​ make a​ massage profession a​ successful profession – is​ the​ need for​ safe and​ effective massage equipment.
As a​ massage therapist, your equipment needs depend largely on your method of​ seeing clients. if​ you work within an​ existing full-service spa then your massage equipment needs will be significantly less than if​ you have clients coming to​ your home or​ vice versa.

If you do not see your clients in​ an​ existing spa, then you will have to​ provide a​ massage table and​ massage chair as​ part of​ your massage equipment. a​ massage table can be a​ permanent piece of​ furniture or​ foldout table that you bring along with you to​ appointments. it​ is​ generally a​ long table with a​ cushion for​ the​ client to​ rest their face when they are on their stomach. When purchasing this piece of​ massage equipment be sure that the​ table is​ of​ adequate length and​ sturdy enough to​ hold a​ variety of​ weights.

A massage chair allows you to​ do back and​ neck massages while the​ client sits up with their face in​ a​ cushioned holder. This piece of​ massage equipment is​ typically for​ shorter massages and​ don’t require the​ client to​ remove any clothing.

Many massage therapists – regardless of​ whether they work in​ a​ spa or​ at​ home – consider their own massage oils and​ lotions to​ be a​ part of​ their personal massage equipment. the​ smell and​ texture of​ certain products appeal to​ some massage therapists more than others and​ they will often bring their products along with them. in​ addition, for​ those massage therapists trained in​ hot stone massage, they will often bring their own hot stones – as​ these are expensive and​ personal pieces of​ massage equipment.

However, more important than the​ massage equipment – or​ possibly considered the​ most important piece of​ massage equipment of​ all - is​ the​ massage therapist’s ability to​ connect with their client and​ deliver a​ relaxing, therapeutic massage.

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