Appraisals For Sports Memorabilia

Appraisals for​ Sports Memorabilia
When you invest in​ sports memorabilia, you often don't realize how much the​ value can climb by the​ time you choose to​ sell .​
Likewise, it​ could decrease in​ value as​ well.
Appraisal is​ a​ must for​ the​ serious sports collector .​
People have been sorely disappointed because they didn't get their items appraised for​ value and​ then sold them for​ a​ fraction of​ their worth.
Some places to​ check for​ appraisals for​ sports memorabilia include:
1.) All Authentic Sports Memorabilia-professionals who can provide references and​ offer instant appraisals
2.) Vintage Sports Memorabilia Appraisals-has a​ sports artifacts library for​ thousands of​ vintage sports items, prefers email requests limited to​ two items, nothing newer than 1980.
3.) Krause Standard Catalog of​ Sports Memorabilia Price Guide
4.) Robert Connelly-He does clinics on appraisals .​
He's a​ member of​ the​ American Society of​ Appraisers and​ was honored by the​ Royal Institution of​ Chartered Surveyors.
5.) American Legends-Provides paid appraisals, founded in​ 1992.
6.) Sports Memorabilia Appraisal Expert Witness-Provides an​ 800 #, volunteers background information to​ help give reference to​ its value as​ an​ appraisal business.
Besides the​ importance of​ appraisals for​ resale value, you may want to​ seriously consider having your valuable insured .​
Insurance companies also may not recognize the​ value unless you've had an​ appraisal done .​
Make sure you have documented proof.
There is​ a​ Uniform Standards of​ Professional Appraisal Practice which is​ recognized in​ courts and​ acceptable to​ banks, insurance companies, auction houses, and​ the​ IRS.
Don't just depend on a​ local sports shop or​ whatever available appraisal you come across .​
Also, consider that paying for​ more than one opinion is​ worthwhile if​ a​ lot of​ money is​ involved and​ if​ it​ gives you peace of​ mind.
Prices will change, so you'll want an​ updated value before decided to​ sell .​
Retired players hold their value better because their status won't change.
Make sure you sell to​ the​ right person or​ business .​
Just because an​ item is​ listed as​ one amount doesn't mean the​ dealer will agree to​ pay that amount.
Sweat stains don't necessarily make a​ jersey authentic .​
Anyone can wear a​ jersey long enough to​ sweat in​ it​ and​ try to​ pass it​ off as​ the​ real thing .​
Watch for​ smudged autographs, dog-eared pages in​ books, worn edges on cards .​
An appraiser should be trained to​ notice small details that would decrease the​ value of​ your collector's item.
There is​ a​ system with trading cards called grading .​
a​ graded card has a​ more reasonable guarantee of​ authenticity .​
Graded cards are sealed to​ discourage card switching, a​ low tactic of​ some sellers .​
The appraiser should know to​ recognize graded cards and​ their value.
When my daughter was involved in​ card collecting and​ bought a​ box of​ cards that seemed like a​ great deal to​ her, she was soon sorely disappointed .​
The only authentic card was the​ one in​ the​ display on the​ front of​ the​ box .​
All the​ rest were fakes, worthless .​
It was a​ waste of​ her hard-earned and​ long saved allowance .​
So beware of​ this type of​ scam when you buy a​ group of​ items .​
The appraisal value will be zero!
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