Applying For Translation Work A Guide For The Freelancer

Applying For Translation Work – a​ Guide For The Freelancer
I work as​ an​ Italian English Translation Project Manager at​ the translations agency Axis Translations.
Everyday me and my colleagues see larger numbers of​ enquiries from translators seeking work .​
I​ hope that some of​ my observations will help you be more successfull.
1) Update and scan your computer for viruses
How many translators CV’s get caught by an​ agencies firewall? I​ don’t know .​
It seems to​ happen in​ waves .​
We will have a​ batch of​ translators emails in​ a​ few days and then none for ages .​
But generally the email is​ deleted!
2) Put your details in​ the subject section of​ the email
If you are applying for a​ project posted on the web, put a​ reference to​ it​ in​ the subject box .​
The reference number for instance .​
If you are applying generally, list the languages in​ which you translate.
Why is​ this important? Simply translation agencies get a​ stack of​ emails each day and you want to​ be found .​
The translation project manager wants to​ be able to​ pick out the enquiries for their project with ease.
For general enquiries, you want your details to​ be saved in​ the right place .​
If the agency can see your languages they can copy your mail into the right languages section rather then putting you in​ the dreaded ‘look at​ later pile’.
3) Don’t apply for something you are not
We always look for translators to​ translate into their mother tongue and write this in​ our adverts .​
But we always get a​ loads of​ CV’s for people who do not fit the bill .​
For instance I​ post a​ job for a​ Italian>English Translation and get a​ CV from a​ Dutch native speaker who is​ fluent in​ neither language.
4) Don’t forget to​ provide rates and the rest of​ your ‘required’ information
When I​ am looking for a​ new translator and I​ have a​ number of​ applications, my shortlist will not include anyone who has missing information .​
I​ regularly see people who have missed their rates off the application .​
If a​ translation PM has opther options, they probably won’t chase a​ translator for further information.
5) Contact Info
I am not talking about address here .​
I​ am thinking of​ mobile phones.
Once a​ job has been confirmed the translation PM will wish to​ have the assignment placed with a​ translator ASAP .​
If they can’t find another number for you they will be likely to​ move further down the list and call the next translator.......your competition.
I hope my short list of​ tips for translation applications assist not only translators, but also translation PM’s.!

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