Antioxidant Vitamins

Antioxidant Vitamins

Antioxidant Vitamins
The antioxidant vitamins found in​ fruits,​ vegetables,​ teas and supplements are proving to​ be powerful agents in​ the​ fight against disease causing free radicals.
The original concept was to​ take recommended daily allowance RDA of​ vitamins to​ a​ level that would prevent acute deficiency diseases like the​ Sailor’s disease scurvy. These are the​ standards by which RDA’s were created.
However,​ in​ recent years,​ research has shown that Vitamins taken in​ higher doses can prevent sever chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. a​ debate still rages,​ but there is​ a​ plethora of​ research being done on​ Vitamin A,​ C,​ E,​ the​ antioxidant vitamins.
A National Institute of​ Health clinical trial involving people at​ high risk of​ developing advanced stages of​ Agerelated Macular Degeneration AMD,​ showed that patients’ risk decreased by 25 percent when treated with high doses of​ antioxidant vitamins and zinc.
Another study at​ the​ Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC in​ Atlanta showed that taking Vitamin E along with multivitamins reduced risk from stroke and heart illness. Among patients who took the​ combination,​ mortality risk decreased by 15 percent for these two diseases.
This September,​ the​ National Institutes of​ Health NIH concluded a​ study investigating the​ relationship between Vitamin C and cancer,​ suggesting that Vitamin C may fight cancer. They found,​ in​ a​ laboratory setting,​ that high doses of​ Vitamin C injected directly into the​ bloodstream killed cancer cells.
Though the​ current RDA for Vitamin C is​ stuck at​ 60 mg,​ many researchers suggest that raising the​ RDA to​ between 100 and 200 mg would be a​ great way for people to​ get the​ antioxidants that they need to​ maintain overall well being.
Be careful when purchasing vitamins and supplements though. Research has shown that whole food vitamins,​ or​ vitamins with their cofactors,​ are much more effective than isolated nutrients. Nutrition is​ a​ complex process of​ thousands of​ chemical reactions within our bodies. Vitamins are always better in​ their natural state in​ the​ foods we​ eat. Supplements should never be used in​ place of​ a​ poor diet.
The smart choice is​ to​ look for whole food vitamins to​ supplement an already good diet for the​ times you cant get everything you need at​ meal time.

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