Anti Aging Skin Care Tips And Common Sense

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips and​ Common Sense.
As we​ get on​ in​ years,​ who isn’t trying to​ stay young,​ to​ hold the​ line on​ aging? and​ where do we​ see our age and​ fret our age more,​ than in​ our skin? I’d like to​ share with you some general anti aging skin care treatment that will keep your skin young and​ healthy,​ and​ recommend some natural anti aging skin products that make a​ big difference as​ well.
The health of​ our skin reflects many factors. ​
Some we​ can’t control,​ but others we​ can and​ should. ​
Heredity and​ environment,​ for example,​ might be working against you. ​
But you’re not going to​ leave the​ city just to​ get clean,​ dewy skin. ​
And if ​ a​ certain swarthiness is​ in​ your genes,​ there’s not much you can do about it. ​
But let’s look at ​ the​ anti aging skin care that you CAN do and​ there’s a​ lot to​ bring your skin to​ a​ whole new level.
Water Water yes water is​ your best anti aging medicine. ​
You need to​ drink at ​ least 8 full glasses of​ spring or​ well water daily. ​
Your body is​ 75% water,​ and​ your skin is​ a​ moist,​ elastic medium that needs to​ be kept hydrated naturally from within. ​
Your skin’s thirst for this inner hydration can’t be satisfied by just rubbing in​ creams or​ lotions on​ the​ outside. ​
You need to​ follow this first commandment of​ skin care if ​ you want to​ get the​ super benefits that anti aging creams and​ other products also offer.
Natural Creams Many anti aging creams even the​ most expensive ones have a​ base of​ mineral oil,​ and​ are loaded with artificial preservatives and​ coloring. ​
Just look at ​ the​ labels. ​
You need bifocals and​ a​ lab coat just to​ read them! Need I ​ say more? I ​ get many compliments on​ my soft skin,​ and​ always the​ same question what do you use on​ it? First I ​ tell people about water,​ lots of​ fresh air and​ exercise,​ and​ moderate exposure to​ sunlight. ​
Then I ​ get down to​ specific anti aging solutions.
Real Aloe Vera Lots of​ products boast that they contain aloe vera so why do we​ think we​ can improve upon nature? I ​ go right to​ the​ source,​ and​ keep an aloe vera plant growing in​ my bathroom. ​
It’s a​ pretty plant,​ it’s easy to​ care for,​ and​ you just cut off a​ section of​ leaf and​ out gushes the​ wonderful fresh gel. ​
My friends and​ nursing colleagues all report the​ same excitement the​ first time they rub in​ a​ gel directly from their plants. ​
And they report that it’s the​ best anti aging product they’ve ever used and​ one that you just can’t get from a​ storebought jar or​ tube.
Aloe vera is​ truly potent. ​
It’s filled with moisture,​ protein,​ vitamins and​ minerals antiaging nutrients that give your skin deep,​ thorough hydration. ​
Cleopatra is​ known to​ have used aloe vera on​ her skin,​ and​ if ​ you overlook her little snake bite,​ you must admit she was quite a​ success story!
Olive Oil When my skin is​ very dry I ​ also apply olive oil,​ and​ use olive oil soap over my entire body. ​
In fact,​ such were the​ excellent results I ​ got from olive oil,​ that I ​ created my own anti aging personal care cosmetic a​ soap which is​ 90% olive oil,​ and​ smooth beyond belief. ​
Aloe vera,​ oddly enough,​ can sometimes create a​ superficial drying effect,​ which olive oil quickly smoothes out. ​
Besides anti aging effects,​ aloe vera adds proteins,​ minerals and​ water to​ your skin.
Application of​ Creams I ​ always tell friends not to​ rub in​ their oils and​ creams in​ a​ bored humdrum way. ​
You need to​ really massage it​ in,​ giving yourself pleasure and​ stimulating your circulation. ​
Indeed it’s best to​ make all your health practices emotional. ​
It’s this zest that makes the​ magic connection between body,​ mind,​ heart and​ soul. ​
So when we’re working to​ make ourselves younger and​ prettier,​ please ladies let’s make it​ an anti aging exercise not act as​ if ​ we’re ironing socks!
Natural Progesterone Cream we​ mention this last,​ but definitely not least,​ for it​ is​ really the​ Queen of​ anti aging products. ​
This allnatural cream suffuses your body with progesterone,​ the​ anti aging hormone that turns girls into women and​ gives that beautiful glow to​ pregnant women. ​
a​ natural progesterone hormone cream,​ such as​ Prosperine,​ delivers the​ right dosage of​ progesterone derived from the​ Mexican wild yam. ​
Besides providing a​ protective quality against breast cancer,​ it​ wonderfully tones your skin and​ retards the​ aging process. ​
as​ with drinking water,​ this is​ an approach that works from the​ inside out the​ right way,​ the​ natural way.
Warmly,​ Pieternel
2018 Pieternel van Giersbergen. ​

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