Anti Aging Skin Care And Idebenone

Anti Aging Skin Care and​ Idebenone
Idebenone pronounced eedybeknown,​ a​ super antioxidant,​ is​ now being used in​ select antiaging skin care products. ​
Thats good news for you if ​ you need to​ get rid of​ some extra wrinkles that none of​ us can avoid as​ we​ grow older.
While idebenone has been known for a​ long time as​ a​ pharmaceutical agent,​ it​ has arrived to​ the​ realm of​ skin care only recently. ​
In fact,​ some skin care companies claim it​ as​ a​ new,​ cuttingedge discovery. ​
But,​ can it​ really benefit your skin?
In the​ 1970s and​ 1980s,​ researchers had been studying the​ potential of​ Coenzyme Q10 CoQ10,​ including its ability to​ improve heart failure,​ reduce free radical damage and​ slow down certain neurological conditions. ​
CoQ10,​ a​ vitaminlike natural compound found in​ all aerobic organisms,​ plays an important role in​ cellular energy production and​ is​ also an effective antioxidant. ​
Trying to​ boost CoQ10s therapeutic effects,​ scientists synthesized and​ tested a​ variety of​ its chemical analogs and​ derivatives. ​
Most of​ these derivatives were found ineffective or​ unsafe. ​
However,​ one of​ the​ few exceptions was idebenone.
It is​ closely related to​ CoQ10 in​ its structure. ​
However,​ idebnone is​ more effective than CoQ10 in​ protecting cells from the​ free radical damage resulting from reduced blood flow.
What does all this have to​ do with skin care? Recently CoQ10 has been shown to​ improve skin wrinkles. ​
Not surprisingly,​ some skin care companies decided that CoQ10 analogs might do a​ similar or​ better job. ​
So,​ they found out that idebenone was also a​ good antiwrinkle remedy.
Its important to​ realize that free radicals that form in​ the​ skin in​ response to​ the​ suns ultraviolet rays are largely responsible for wrinkling and​ other signs of​ aging. ​
To fight these damaging molecules,​ cosmetic chemists developed this topical antioxidant thats even more powerful than natural antioxidants such as​ vitamins C and​ E.
Results of​ a​ clinical trial were presented in​ February 2004 at ​ the​ annual meeting of​ the​ American Academy of​ Dermatology. ​
They wanted to​ find out which ingredient offered the​ best protection against free radicals. ​
Well,​ it​ was idebenone that finished first against vitamin C,​ vitamin E,​ coenzyme Q10,​ kinetin,​ and​ alphalipoic acid.
The benefits of​ this ingredient include shielding skin from environmental damage,​ improving the​ appearance of​ fine lines and​ wrinkles,​ and​ reducing dryness and​ smoothing skin texture.
Antioxidants help protect against the​ damage caused by free radicals in​ the​ environment. ​
Free radicals are unstable compounds that occur naturally in​ the​ body and​ try to​ stabilize by attaching to​ the​ nearest normal cell. ​
This results in​ a​ chainreaction because once the​ free radical attaches to​ a​ healthy cell,​ it​ too becomes a​ free radical in​ search of​ stabilization causing cellular damage. ​
Antioxidants,​ such as​ idebenone and​ others,​ stop this process by donating a​ molecule to​ the​ free radical making it​ stable.
But,​ you should know that although idebenone is​ thought of​ as​ a​ wrinkle reducer,​ it​ is​ more of​ a​ skin protector. ​
it​ is​ a​ true antiaging phenomena because it​ blocks the​ causes of​ aging and​ treats its effects. ​
For best results,​ use it​ in​ addition to​ a​ broad spectrum sunblock.
However,​ this all comes at ​ a​ price. ​
This wonderful ingredient is​ priced at ​ up to​ $120 an ounce. ​
as​ you know,​ nothing known to​ science will erase all signs of​ aging,​ but this formula helps with its ability to​ decrease collagen breakdown which means less apparent wrinkles and​ lines and​ reduce inflammation.
Its available in​ the​ following lotions
Prevage from Allergan.
True Cosmetics Youth Revealing Complex.
Radiance Revealing Complex.
Revitol Anti Wrinkle Complex.
You can get these products containing idebenone from Dermatologists or​ Plastic Surgeons offices,​ Spas,​ Fine Salons,​ or​ online.
Your skin never had it​ so good!

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