Anti Aging Facial Skin Care

Anti Aging Facial Skin Care

Anti Aging Facial Skin Care
If you’re serious about antiaging facial skin care,​ you owe it​ to​ yourself to​ investigate all the​ alternatives. ​
While cosmetics might seem to​ be the​ logical solution,​ over time their cost might prove prohibitive. ​
Botox injections,​ chemical peels or​ microdermabrasion can give superior and​ more immediate results that often justify the​ additional cost.
Botox injections relax the​ muscles that create wrinkles like the​ frown lines on​ your forehead. ​
The treatment lasts three to​ six months,​ and​ lines and​ wrinkles either disappear or​ dramatically diminish during this period. ​
Besides frown lines,​ Botox is​ effective on​ crow’s feet,​ laugh lines and​ forehead wrinkles. ​
a​ medical doctor must administer Botox injections. ​
After several treatments,​ some doctors report that the​ period of​ effectiveness is​ extended. ​

Chemical peels are meant to​ improve skin appearance and​ diminish wrinkles by removing one or​ more of​ the​ skin’s outer layers. ​
Like Botox,​ chemical peels are done by a​ medical doctor and​ usually consist of​ phenol,​ TCAs trichloroacetic acids or​ AHAs alpha hydroxy acids. ​
Phenol is​ the​ strongest of​ the​ chemical peel agents and​ provides the​ most dramatic results. ​
TCAs are the​ next strongest,​ but several treatments are usually required. ​
AHAs are the​ least strong and​ are generally used for skin brightening and​ smoothing,​ rather than wrinkle removal. ​
Phenol and​ TCAs will remove wrinkles and​ blemishes,​ and​ even out skin tone.
Microdermabrasion does not require a​ medical doctor. ​
it​ can be performed by a​ trained aesthetician. ​
In this procedure,​ tiny crystals are sprayed against the​ face with a​ device similar to​ a​ sand blaster,​ producing a​ gentle polishing action that removes the​ dead outer layer of​ skin on​ the​ face. ​
Microdermabrasion is​ less harsh than chemical peels and​ works well for women with sensitive skin. ​
Treatments must be repeated for maximum effectiveness.
While not for everyone,​ Botox injections,​ chemical peels and​ microdermabrasion are all valid methods of​ antiaging facial skin care. ​
if ​ you want fast results and​ are willing to​ spend the​ money,​ these treatments can provide significant improvements in​ skin texture and​ appearance.

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