Another Way To Pay For School Loans

Another Way to​ Pay For School Loans
Most people aren't concerned with the​ amount of​ money they borrow in​ order to​ go to​ college- at​ least,​ not while they're still in​ college and avoiding payments by deferring them until after graduation .​
Students are taught to​ believe that going to​ college will result in​ higher paying jobs,​ and therefore- paying off the​ loans required to​ get that higher education will not only be easy to​ pay off,​ but well worth the​ investment,​ no matter how much that investment ends up being .​
When graduation comes and the​ job offers do not- many students are stuck with high loan payments that are anything but easy to​ pay off,​ and the​ day-to-day struggle; and living paycheck to​ paycheck- begins.
Education is​ never a​ bad thing; and it​ absolutely should be considered a​ valuable investment- but having tens of​ thousands of​ dollars in​ debt as​ you​ enter the​ 'adult world' after college can be an​ eye opening experience for most students .​
College does little to​ prepare people for the​ high payments that come due six months after you​ finish your college days .​
As much as​ having a​ degree should result in​ higher paying positions- there are no real guarantees that you​ will in​ fact find a​ position that pays you​ a​ high salary just because you​ finished college .​
If you​ do eventually land that amazing position that pays a​ high salary- chances are it​ won't be the​ day you​ graduate- and it​ may not even be within the​ six month grace period you​ have before the​ student loan statements start arriving in​ the​ mailbox- which means you've got to​ find another way to​ make your student loan payments and keep up with your day to​ day living expenses on​ a​ lower paying salary.
A program through actually lets you​ earn money on​ the​ things you​ are already purchasing- like grocery store products,​ online shopping,​ and restaurants .​
The money earned through this program was originally designed to​ help families save for college for their children; but recently,​ Upromise was acquired by Sallie Mae (a popular educational loan provider) and the​ program was expanded to​ allow people to​ apply their Upromise earnings to​ their own college loan payments .​
It works similar to​ rewards credit cards,​ in​ that each time you​ use your registered debit or​ credit cards to​ make a​ purchase with a​ participating retailer,​ a​ percentage is​ placed as​ a​ 'reward' in​ your Upromise account.
Once you​ create an​ account with Upromise,​ you​ just connect all of​ your existing debit cards and credit cards that you​ already have in​ your wallet .​
You don't need to​ apply for any new credit cards,​ but if​ you​ decide you​ want to​ increase the​ amount of​ Upromise earnings,​ the​ Citi Upromise credit card will help you​ earn more whenever you​ use that card to​ make your every day purchases.
You can also ask friends and family to​ start a​ Upromise account and connect their own debit and credit cards .​
Any earnings they get can be transferred into your account and can also be applied to​ your student loan debt.
You've got to​ buy groceries and pay for other things- you​ may as​ well connect your debit and credit cards to​ a​ Upromise account and get some of​ those necessary expenses back towards the​ cost of​ your educational loans .​
Every little bit helps!

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