Another Successful Dvla Auction Of Personalised Number Plates

Another Successful Dvla Auction Of Personalised Number Plates

The DVLA held their latest auction of​ personalized number plates on Wednesday 24th October through until Friday the​ s6th of​ October at​ the​ Down Hall Hotel , Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire and​ continued to​ enjoy success in​ attracting bids from the​ public and​ dealers in​ the​ room , on-line , by telephone and​ by post.The DVLA are only allowed to​ auction registration numbers which have not been previously issued to​ a​ vehicle, they cannot auction numbers belonging to​ members of​ the​ public or​ registrations which no longer have the​ original vehicle in​ existence.

Biggest success was the​ sale of​ WE57 HAM ( West Ham ) which brought £45,000 at​ the​ drop of​ the​ hammer being fueled by a​ bidding war amongst enthusiastic West Ham supporters , the​ winner was anonymous, having done his bidding over the​ internet.This beats the​ previous record for​ a​ football related plate as​ AR53 NAL fetched £36,000 in​ 2018. There was also a​ unique piece of​ memorabilia in​ the​ form of​ a​ framed “plate of​ greats” signed by 44 Hammers footballers including Sir Geoff Hurst MBA and​ Martin Peters MBE .This was auctioned for​ £1100 with the​ proceeds going to​ the​ Bobby Moore Fund for​ Cancer Research UK. Next highest sale was for​ the​ registration number 1 DAM at​ £25000 which did not seem excessive for​ such popular initials with the​ exclusivity of​ number one , then 78 G at​ £16000. the​ number 1 registrations continued in​ popularity with 1 WEE bringing £15,000,1 TAA brought the​ same amount and​ 1 RRJ brought £14,000.

Some notable bargains were B111 DUF ( Bill Duff ) at​ £350 ,BER 3T at​ £450, LON 3R at​ £600 and​ DOU 99Y at​ £800 .Surprisingly high bids were made for​ CRA 19S ( £8,600 ) , SCR 44P (£8,600 ) and​ ALL 3X ( £9,000 ) .Some surprisingly unsold numbers were PAM 911S with a​ reserve of​ £500 ( maybe a​ Porsche 911S is​ not really a​ girl’s car? ) and​ RUM 5S with a​ reserve of​ only £400. Some of​ the​ more attractive novelty registration numbers were COO 1L at​ £7,500 , GOA 1S at​ 7,100 , CLU 8S at​ £8,700 and​ MU55 ELS at​ £5000.

All prices are bids achieved on top of​ these figures the​ buyer would have paid an​ auctioneers commission , v.a.t. at​ 17.5% and​ an​ £80 D.O.T. transfer fee , this adds approximately 25% on top of​ the​ bid amount.

Total income for​ the​ auction was in​ excess of​ £4 million plus vat of​ course and​ also an​ £80 transfer fee for​ each number is​ due ,bringing the​ total catch for​ the​ treasury to​ nearer £6 million.

There is​ another auction planned for​ December 4th , 5th and​ 6th at​ Tankersley manor, Barnsley , South Yorkshire . This is​ probably going to​ be the​ last one for​ 2018 although there have been occasional special sales around Christmas in​ the​ past , but these have been for​ a​ small number of​ very exclusive numbers expected to​ bring huge bids.

Free catalogues can be downloaded in​ PDF format from the​ DVLA sale of​ marks website , you can then pick which way you wish to​ bid and​ register for​ bidding at​ this sale. Alternatively you can view a​ full list of​ personalised number plates on offer in​ Excel or​ Adobe Flash format.

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