Animal Sports Some Weird Some Well Known

Animal Sports Some Weird Some Well Known

Sports are very fun and​ very healthy to​ be practiced. But besides sports for​ human, animal sports are very fun too!

Animals participate in​ many sports, some being legal and​ some being not so legal. Some of​ the​ sports that animals participate in​ include horse racing, bullfighting, dog sledding, cock fighting, pigeon racing, and​ greyhound racing just to​ name a​ few. There are also the​ famous dog shows where dogs compete in​ classes by breed; some believe this to​ be a​ sport while others feel it​ is​ more of​ a​ competition.

Bullfighting has been around since the​ prehistoric days, and​ is​ a​ very popular animal sport in​ Spain, where it​ is​ viewed as​ a​ dramatic ritual between the​ bull and​ the​ matador. Besides Spain, bullfighting is​ also popular in​ Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, France, and​ is​ also quite popular in​ the​ state of​ California. Out of​ all of​ the​ bullrings in​ the​ world, Mexico City is​ home to​ the​ largest one of​ them all, which seats 55,000 spectators.

Dogsledding became an​ organized animal sport in​ Alaska in​ 1908, and​ has been increasing in​ popularity ever since. in​ dog sledding, a​ team of​ dogs pulls a​ sled that carries the​ driver, who is​ sometimes referred to​ as​ the​ “musher.” There are different types of​ dog sled races, but the​ teams of​ dogs are made up of​ three, six or​ twelve dogs. Some races are short and​ are considered to​ be sprint races, while others are considered long-range races and​ can cover a​ course consisting of​ 200 to​ 1000 miles.

As with many animal sports, there are those who believe that cock fighting should be banned due to​ animal cruelty. However, in​ some cultures cock fighting is​ legal and​ draws huge crowds, such as​ in​ Guam, Peru, Belgium, Italy, Haiti, Spain, France, Mexico, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and​ the​ Phillipines, which have arenas built especially for​ cock fighting. the​ game birds that are used in​ cock fighting are not ordinary farm chickens, they are a​ special breed of​ aggressive chicken that is​ raised and​ trained to​ be fighters. While cock fighting may be an​ accepted animal sport in​ some countries, there are numerous places where cock fighting, and​ even just attending a​ cockfight as​ a​ spectator, is​ considered a​ felony. Many of​ these laws have been enacted due not only to​ animal cruelty issues, but also because of​ the​ gambling that is​ associated with cock fighting.

Pigeon racing is​ another animal sport that has quite a​ fan base. Across the​ United States there are over 700 different clubs catering to​ those who enjoy the​ sport of​ pigeon racing. Essentially, during a​ race, the​ birds are released from a​ location that is​ far from there home, and​ the​ first pigeon to​ make it​ back is​ the​ winner. the​ races cover much territory, and​ races can have the​ pigeons flying 100 to​ 600 miles as​ they make their way home.

There are also animal sports that are less known about like those that occur at​ county fairs; frog jumping contests, pig races, turtle races and​ the​ like can all be considered animal sports as​ they have a​ number of​ animal participants competing against one another.

Animal Sports Some Weird Some Well Known

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