Analyzing A Nursing Continuing Education Opportunity

Continuing Education (CE) is​ vital for the further development of​ a​ nursing career, but you shouldn’t choose just any courses to​ add to​ your credentials. Each CE program that you choose should enhance your knowledge, make you a​ more valuable employee and further you on your career path. Evaluating your nursing continuing education opportunities for each of​ the following criteria can help you choose just the right courses to​ keep you on the right career and professional path.

Is the Course Relevant to​ my Job?

Choose courses that enhance your ability to​ do your job. if​ your current position is​ in​ the school nursing environment, a​ continuing education course about the latest advances in​ ER technology isn’t likely to​ have much relevance to​ your job. On the other hand, some courses that seem to​ be irrelevant on the surface may have subtle connections that aren’t obvious at​ first glance. is​ some of​ your school nursing time spent in​ a​ full-service on campus clinic? in​ that case, that emergency room CE course may just offer something of​ value.

Does it​ Enhance my Career Opportunities?

Even if​ you’re content in​ your position and have no plans to​ seek advancement, you should evaluate how a​ chosen continuing education course fits into your plans. The world of​ medicine changes every day, and so do expectations of​ nursing professionals. Keep your eye on advances in​ your chosen segment of​ the nursing field to​ be sure that the courses you choose keep you qualified for the jobs to​ which you aspire.

Is the Course Accredited?

If your main goal in​ taking nursing continuing education courses is​ to​ garner CE hours toward recertification or​ licensure, then accreditation is​ vital. Check to​ be sure that the courses you choose are accredited by The American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Is it​ Offered by Respected Professionals in​ the Field?

Do you recognize the names of​ the instructors, or​ of​ the institution offering the course you’re planning to​ take? Popularity isn’t always a​ measure of​ quality, but it​ is​ one way of​ checking the credentials of​ instructors and institutions. if​ you’re not familiar with either the instructors or​ the offering institutions, ask around. Nurses’ forums on the Internet are great places to​ find out about programs that you might be considering – and you’ll hear directly from professionals just like you whether or​ not the course material was helpful and suitable for your continuing education.

Is the Learning Style Accessible for You?

One often overlooked facet of​ evaluating a​ nursing course is​ personal learning style. No one knows better than you do whether you learn best with hands-on instruction, or​ can absorb more information if​ left to​ explore and gather it​ on your own. Choose classes that are conducted in​ your best learning style to​ get the most out of​ your continuing education hours.

Continuing education courses for nursing represent a​ substantial investment of​ your time and money. Take the time to​ evaluate each course that you plan to​ take to​ make sure that it​ meets all your expectations and needs.

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