An Unusual Insanely Profitable Type Of Joint Venture

An Unusual & Insanely Profitable Type Of Joint Venture
Joint-Venturing doesn't end on asking a​ Guru to​ endorse your stuff .​
But that's what the majority of​ people in​ the Internet marketing world focus on.
Here's an​ unusual & insanely profitable kind of​ JV:
Co-author with a​ Guru.
Yes, you better know what your stuff .​
And no – it’s not for you if​ you aren’t damn serious .​
Because it​ takes a​ lot of​ work & brings in​ a​ lot of​ cash .​
Not for the easy-goers.
But why would the guru want to​ do this?
Because it​ saves them time & gets them easy bucks!
Every guru has at​ least a​ dozen product ideas that they doesn't have time for .​
If you offer
to do all the work & still give them 60% or​ more - there's no way they're going to​ miss it!
You can also make a​ product specifically FOR one guru's audience .​
But that's another story.
Here's a​ tip: Ask the guru for an​ unfinished product.
Many gurus start a​ product but for some reason it's pushed aside half-way down .​
They want that product to​ see the light of​ the day but they don't have time for it​ or​ maybe they've just moved on.
But if​ you offer to​ complete that product, they will love you for it!
Take all the work on yourself .​
From finishing the product to​ writing the sales copy & auto-responder messages .​
Save them the headache, their time, energy & money - & they'll be happy to​ co-author with you.
What’s in​ it​ for you? (as if​ you need to​ ask!)
Because just one product can launch you to​ stardom .​
When people see you co-authored an​ ebook with a​ successful guru - you get instant credibility .​
And of​ course the money comes rolling in​ faster than you can count - because the guru obviously has a​ loyal following.
And then people will be contacting YOU for joint-ventures! The credibility, the money, the contacts - it's all worth it.
There are many examples of​ people who launched their online this way .​
From Tellman Knudson to​ Patric Chan & more .​
Here are 3 case-studies:
- Jim Edwards.
I can't say if​ he launched his online career this way .​
But this guy has authored at​ least half a​ dozen books with the top guns in​ this industry.
The one that gave him the first real boost was How to​ write an​ ebook in​ 7 days or​ less that he co-authored with Joe Vitale.
The story is​ - Jim Edwards asked Joe Vitale to​ give him any old document of​ him that he could turn into an​ ebook .​
After constant request - Joe gave him a​ book he authored long ago - on how to​ write a​ book in​ a​ record time.
Jim edited it​ a​ bit & then turned it​ into How to​ write an​ ebook in​ 7 days or​ less .​
It became an​ instant best seller & gave Jim his first shot of​ fame.
Since then - Jim has co-authored with more Gurus than I​ can count .​
And today he's a​ big Guru himself! Smart, eh?
- Larry Dotson
His story is​ so simple - it'd be hard to​ believe.
Larry wrote a​ swipe file of​ hypnotic words & phrases .​
Then he wrote to​ Joe Vitale that since 'hypnotic' is​ his brand - Joe can review it​ & if​ he wants - add some hypnotic phrases himself & they'll co-author it.
Joe agreed & yes 'hypnotic swipe file' sold like crazy .​
Today Larry got 4-6 other hypnotic ebooks co-authored with Joe.
Nitro marketing that multi-million-dollar IM company promotes 90% of​ Joe Vitale's products including the ones he co-authored with Larry.
So Larry's being promoted by nitro-marketing & he’ll keep getting royalty from them for decades to​ come.
Last year - Joe said he hasn't seen, met or​ even heard Larry’s voice! I​ doubt if​ they've even met now - yet the story & success is​ astonishing.
- Tellman Knudson.
Tellman is​ an​ NLP expert .​
I​ don't know how he got his start online but his first few products where - 'Think like' series.
He did it​ Chip Traver, Shawn Casey, Joe Vitale & probably others .​
The one that got famous was ‘Think like Joe Vitale'.
Another product he did was 'Nitro Mindset' with the nitro marketing guys .​
Then he started List Crusade where he interviewed (& still does) gurus every week.
These are all different kinds of​ JVs .​
Not the usual milking-the-big-guru please-endorse-me type of​ ones .​
I​ can't say if​ this way is​ harder or​ easier but one thing is​ for sure - they 10x more profitable.
Enjoy the success by co-authoring with the big gurus!

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