An Information Channel About Lignano For Tourists

An Information Channel About Lignano For Tourists

Lignano Sabbiadoro is​ a​ seaside resort located on the Friulian coast and the town must thank its particular environment. First of​ all the sandy shore: eight kilometres of​ soft and thin golden sand. a​ feature not so easy to​ find in​ other Italian beaches. But tourists can also choose to​ spend quiet days strolling on the blooming pine wood's shadow, in​ the interior area of​ Lignano. People who loves nature can watch wildlife in​ the Marano Lagoon, a​ sheltered zone, and also enjoy a​ short boat excursion.

Thanks to​ its environment, Lignano is​ very loved by tourists: the seaside resort on the Upper Adriatic Sea joins the wonderful beach with the quiet hinterland giving the chance to​ choose the best way to​ spend an​ unforgettable and various summer holiday.

These natural features were been essential requisites for the foundation and the growth of​ Lignano, but, after the first times, both the local government and the tour operators increased the tourist offer to​ attract different kind of​ guests and especially to​ satisfy their needs.

Particularly accommodation facilities played and still play an​ important role in​ the Lignano tourist view. During the years are born a​ lot of​ hotels, villas, camping sites, tourist villages and especially apartments in​ Lignano, with the aim to​ give more and more comfort and services.

In this wake accommodation facilities' owners work every summer: good quality, attention to​ the consumer's needs, care of​ details and new services are at​ the bottom of​ the tour operators' thought, like the Intras agency.

It is​ a​ highly specialised agency which works from several years in​ letting buildings like villas, bungalows and apartments in​ Lignano.

The characteristic of​ this agency is​ the study of​ the best solutions to​ satisfy tourists. This is​ the key to​ stand out and to​ be a​ step forward the competitors: the importance to​ know the tourists' wishes, especially of​ the target, and to​ satisfy them with new solutions and services. to​ pursue this aim the agency of​ Lignano Sabbiadoro offers a​ narrow number of​ accommodation facilities, but there are located along the entire bathing resort. in​ this way the agency's owner can satisfy different tourist typologies: guests that wish the quiet and the coolness of​ the pine wood, people who want to​ accommodate in​ front of​ the sea and tourists that love the beating centre of​ Lignano.

The tourist quality offer is​ very important because guests are more and more up-to-date and demanding. Therefore some owners decided to​ concentrate their efforts in​ a​ smaller number of​ accommodation facilities taking care of​ offered services. So these buildings can present an​ idyllic spot, where tourist must only enjoy the summer holiday in​ Lignano.

To favour this comfort, the agency agreed to​ a​ new service and it​ installed it​ into all television sets of​ its apartments in​ Lignano: an​ information channel about the seaside resort.

The information channel will allow tourists to​ know the most important events in​ the town and its surroundings in​ every time because it​ will work twenty-four hours a​ day. Open-hair and puppet theatres, opera houses and concerts are frequent, but it's difficult advertise them to​ the public. With this tool the agency allows its guests to​ inquire about events' date, opening time of​ offices and pharmacies, emergency numbers and railway timetable to​ the major cities located near the bathing resort. Also the channel will present pictures about Lignano and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Thanks to​ the information channel tourists will more appreciate the Friulian beach, because they will know in​ time the most important shows and the image of​ Lignano will gain fame.

The attention to​ tourists offered by Intras agency has in​ this way repercussions on the whole seaside resort.

This is​ the right track to​ do and the most of​ accommodation facilities owners are following it: suggest quality and new useful services not only to​ increase the arrivals in​ private hotels, camping sites, residences and apartments in​ Lignano, but also to​ rise and strengthen the seaside resort on the whole.

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