An Essential Guide To Planning And Maintaining Your Bathroom

An Essential Guide To Planning And Maintaining Your Bathroom

There are many so called suitable bathroom cleaners on the market today. in​ our experience the best by far is​ good old soap and water. Simply wash down your various fittings after use with warm soapy water, and polish dry with a​ soft dry cloth where applicable. Naturally vitreous china is​ totally impervious to​ bleaches and other acidic based cleaners and can be safely cleansed accordingly, but more care and attention must be taken when cleaning Cast Iron Baths, Gold or​ Chrome plated items such as​ taps and accessories.

Future Access:
Part of​ your planning process for your new bathroom should encompass sensible thought and allowance for future access to​ the various plumbing fittings. it​ is​ advisable to​ always allow a​ suitable access point to​ make exchange of​ a​ plumbing fitting a​ fairly straight forward process in​ the future if​ necessary.

The Power Shower:
Always make sure that the cubicle or​ over bath screen that you are purchasing is​ suitable for use with a​ ëpower showerí. The effect created by a​ shower supported by a​ pump, can in​ some instances be pushed open by the force of​ a​ power shower. of​ course if​ you are purchasing both items you can be assured that you shall be advise if​ your choice is​ a​ suitable compliment.

Wooden Bathroom Products:
All wooden bathroom products must be treated with the utmost of​ care within the bathroom. Whilst wooden products are coated with a​ specially finished lacquer which is​ specifically designed to​ withstand splashes and condensation, it​ is​ important to​ ensure that water is​ not in​ prolonged contact with these surfaces as​ this will over time lead to​ surface damage.

Bathroom Mirrors:
Always ensure that a​ mirror to​ be used within your bathroom is​ suitable for such use. Proper bathroom mirrors are specifically coated on the rear to​ withstand continually subjection to​ steam and condensation.
Acrylic Baths:
An acrylic bath fitted properly will give rigidity and longevity on par with a​ steel or​ cast iron equivalent. Each bath comes with a​ supporting, height adjustable cradle. However a​ highly recommended and in​ many cases tacit practice is​ to​ fit a​ supporting timber batten along the underside of​ the length and depth of​ the bath. This not only gives a​ much sturdier weight support for the product but will stop the bath "moving" when fitted and help prevent the sealant between tiles and bath from breaking and needing replacing.

Wastes & Sealing:
Always use a​ good silicon sealant to​ ensure a​ water tight seal between the metal waste and porcelain. Never fit a​ waste Dry.
Caution! - an​ over-tightened waste can cause undue stress to​ the pottery and in​ some instances crack the porcelain.

Spacing your cistern:
Be sure to​ space the cistern slightly away from the wall. if​ fitted to​ an​ outside wall this will prevent thermal shock (caused by changes in​ temperature between the cistern and the wall) and help reduce the condensation that forms on the pottery surface.

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