Americas Spiritual History The Impulse That Gave Birth To A Nation

Americas Spiritual History The Impulse That Gave Birth To A Nation

When, in​ the course of​ human events, it​ becomes necessary for a​ people to​ assert its right to​ freely exist as​ an​ independent society, unhampered by restrictions by a​ governmental authority that is​ far away and that does not have its best interests at​ heart, then it​ behooves that society and that people to​ express, in​ words that are clear and cogent, the reasons for its removal from the authority which it​ has labored under. This removal, rather than being an​ act of​ defiance and provocation, is​ an​ act of​ self-affirmation and of​ positive movement toward a​ future in​ which the governed shall govern their own communities and society, and in​ which the voice of​ the people shall be heard.

There can be no just government without this kind of​ representation and without this kind of​ flow between government and governed, and to​ this end the Republic of​ the United States of​ America must seek to​ separate itself from the ruling authority of​ Britain, whose history, culture, purpose, and expectations are very different from our own, and who, in​ the opinion of​ many, hold and seek to​ perpetuate policies that are deleterious to​ the wellbeing of​ the newly-founded communities of​ this young Republic.

We ask the people of​ the world who observe this time with us, to​ rest assured that we are not making a​ declaration against monarchy or​ against any other kind of​ leadership or​ rulership that works effectively and justly to​ serve the needs of​ the people. We are stating an​ underlying principle firmly, clearly, and with specific intention, namely, that government must proceed with the consent of​ the governed in​ order to​ be just, and that the process of​ representation of​ those who are governed by those whom they choose to​ represent them is​ an​ essential and critical part of​ any just and stable society.

We ask the people of​ the world to​ recognize our newly burgeoning efforts at​ self-government and self-representation, so that we may join with other peoples in​ common purpose, and so that we may create communication with our neighbors and friends that may be mutually beneficial. The fact that we are newly founded and are an​ offshoot of​ a​ nation with a​ great and proud history, does not mean that we must be identified solely with these historical roots. Rather, we seek to​ be identified on our own terms in​ relation to​ what we can offer to​ others at​ this point in​ time, and what others can offer to​ us. We extend our hands in​ friendship to​ the peoples of​ the world who seek justice and freedom for their societies and peoples, and declare that we will not rest, we will not lower our advancing interest in​ liberty and justice, until every citizen of​ this newly founded Republic of​ America shall feel that they are adequately represented in​ a​ government of​ their choosing, and that their voice can and will be heard. it​ is​ only by bringing ultimate authority of​ choice back to​ the people who are governed that a​ truly democratic society can exist, and it​ is​ with this aim in​ mind that we set forth these principles today, that shall henceforth be known as​ the Declaration of​ Independence.

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