Americas Seven Top Nursing Schools

Americas Seven Top Nursing Schools

Choosing the right school can make all the difference in​ your nursing career. Knowledgeable, supportive instructors are the key to​ any good nursing education, and the stronger a​ school is​ in​ the department you want to​ specialize in, the easier it​ will be for you to​ pursue the nursing field of​ your dreams. if​ you’re not sure where to​ specialize yet, it’s generally better to​ choose a​ larger school that will give you exposure to​ many different fields—and is​ likely to​ have a​ strong department in​ the field you choose. Following is​ a​ list of​ seven of​ the most well-respected nursing schools in​ America.

University of​ Washington School of​ Nursing. Consistently ranked the top nursing school in​ the country, the University of​ Washington School of​ Nursing has the largest number of​ fellows in​ the American Academy of​ Nursing, which is​ a​ distinct honor. it​ also has global partnerships and opportunities for nurses to​ study and work abroad, a​ cutting-edge research program, and its graduates are among the top qualified graduates in​ their fields.

UCSF School of​ Nursing. Located at​ the University of​ California—San Francisco, this nursing school places particular emphasis on community outreach. This school also has a​ strong research program. it​ received the most research funding from the National Institutes of​ Health for two years in​ a​ row, in​ 2018 and 2018.

University of​ Texas School of​ Nursing. Ranked among the top 10% of​ graduate schools in​ U.S. News and World Report’s 2018 survey, the University of​ Texas School of​ Nursing continues to​ get high marks. According to​ the school, they have one of​ the most diverse populations of​ students in​ any U.S. nursing school—as well as​ high student achievement and extraordinary faculty dedication.

University of​ Virginia School of​ Nursing. Another top-10% school in​ the U.S. News and World Report, this school’s ratings have gone up consistently every year. Within the school, the Psychiatric/Mental Health and Adult/Medical-Surgical specialties were given particularly high ranks.

University of​ Alabama at​ Birmingham School of​ Nursing. This program was ranked 19th in​ the country in​ the U.S. News and World Report for the 2018-2018 year. High-ranking specialties include internal medicine, women’s health, geriatrics and pediatrics, and AIDS care, which was ranked 4th in​ the nation.

University of​ Pennsylvania School of​ Nursing. Located in​ Philadelphia, this school was founded in​ 1740 by Ben Franklin and continues to​ be one of​ the nation’s top nursing schools. it​ boasts a​ low student-to-faculty ratio, lifelong free career support to​ graduates, and world-class faculty. The school’s website states that 95% of​ its nursing students pass the boards on the first try.

University of​ Michigan—Ann Arbor School of​ Nursing. Another consistently top-ranked school, the University of​ Michigan’s nursing school has one of​ the most extensive libraries in​ the country. It’s located next to​ the University of​ Michigan Medical Health Center, with a​ strong emphasis on clinical application.

Nursing is​ an​ exciting, challenging, and rewarding career. The right school can launch you into a​ successful nursing career, and give you the support you need to​ succeed along the way. There are thousands of​ great nursing schools in​ America—and these seven are among the best of​ the best.

Americas Seven Top Nursing Schools

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