Americas Next Great Writer

Americas Next Great Writer

Every once in​ a​ while a​ writer comes along that demands we take notice; one that avails just the right meter, tempo, and rhythm; one that can engulf us in​ a​ story and keep us glued throughout 200 pages; one that offers a​ style sure to​ be emulated by his aspiring peers, both of​ his generation and generations to​ come.

Nelson Pahl is​ just that writer.

With simultaneous debut releases, entitled Bee Balms & Burgundy and Two for Tuesday, Pahl flexes a​ literary muscle short in​ supply today—one that whispers, “legend in​ the making.”

Although the hardcover version of​ Bee Balms & Burgundy won’t hit stores until March, I had the pleasure of​ reading the pre-release, limited edition eBook version, which is​ available at​ and There, you can even read a​ sample chapter, to​ whet your appetite.

Bee Balms & Burgundy is​ a​ charming story of​ latent lifelong love and the quest to​ conquer all that stands in​ its way. Nick May is​ a​ successful thirty-two-year-old entrepreneur living in​ Vancouver. He breaks off an​ explosive, distrusting eleven-month live-in relationship just before he travels home to​ St. Paul to​ see his widowed mother. The relationship leaves him cynical about love, to​ say the least. Once in​ St. Paul, he discovers next-door neighbor and lifelong pal Mia Lawson, 30, has a​ couple secrets she’s been dying to​ share with him. One, unbeknownst to​ Nick, is​ that she’s now a​ post-mastectomy breast cancer survivor, still hoping to​ conquer her disease. The second secret levels Nick even more.

Pahl not only delves into the oft-taboo topic of​ breast cancer with literary vigor, but he also revels in​ it, astutely capturing the female emotions attached to​ such a​ dreadful experience. The chemistry between his two main characters borders on the divine, as​ we ride along upon an​ always charming but sometimes heartbreaking chariot through Nicky and Mia’s sensual and ethereal yet trying world.

While Indie Nation Magazine bills the book as​ “…the best love story you’ll read this year,” I beg to​ differ, slightly; I’ll argue that it​ might be the best love story you ever read. Bee Balms courageously delves into a​ subject today’s “socially conscious” novelists won’t go near, and it​ treats the topic with grace, dignity, depth, and, yes, even endearing sensuality.

Pahl is​ a​ wonderful example of​ why some of​ America’s best writers now insist on writing for independent presses: a​ major publishing house would only shackle his rich and witty writing style and subdue his “outside-the-box” storytelling.

Yet, Pahl’s strict and uncommon literary discipline—along with his hand for sensuous descriptive writing and well-crafted dialogue—make him one of​ the very best writers in​ today’s fiction scene, indie lit or​ mainstream. His concise and fluid prose grip the reader from the onset, and then move him or​ her through the story with liberating ease and optimum intrigue. Through his articulate and warm first-person narrative, we see, feel, hear, smell, and taste everything; we live inside his fictional world; we are the characters.

Nelson Pahl’s writing style single-handedly restores my faith in​ today’s literature. Consider Bee Balms & Burgundy an​ essential inclusion to​ any A-list catalogue.

And, do yourself a​ favor: Say you read him before the world knew about him—or, before he wins a​ Pulitzer.

Americas Next Great Writer

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