Amassing Christian Wealth Supernaturally Today

Amassing Christian Wealth Supernaturally Today

In Deuteronomy 8:18, God told the​ people through Moses, that He had given them the​ power to​ obtain wealth so that He could establish the​ Abrahamic covenant with them just as​ He had with Abraham, Isaac and​ Jacob.

“Establish,” here, would be more understandable had our translators used the​ word “continue” in​ place of​ “establish.”

You see, the​ Abrahamic covenant was already established over four hundred years earlier with Father Abraham. Then it​ was reconfirmed with his son Isaac. Then it​ was reconfirmed with his grandson Jacob. Each reconfirmation just continued the​ unbroken force of​ it. it​ did not, however, establish it.

My point here is​ this. Those people with whom He reconfirmed or​ continued the​ Abrahamic covenant in​ Deuteronomy 8 (over four hundred years after He initially made it​ with Father Abraham) are simply the​ seed of​ Abraham who fell heir to​ the​ provisions of​ the​ covenant. One of​ these provisions is​ the​ supernatural power to​ supernaturally obtain wealth.

You are just as​ much a​ seed of​ Abraham as​ Isaac or​ Jacob. Yes, these three were partakers of​ the​ promise of​ wealth in​ the​ Abrahamic covenant by birth. We Gentile Christians are partakers of​ the​ wealth promise by grafting. Paul taught us about the​ grafting.

Rom 11:17
17And if​ some of​ the​ branches be broken off, and​ thou, being a​ wild olive tree, wert graffed in​ among them, and​ with them partakest of​ the​ root and​ fatness of​ the​ olive tree; (KJV)

Rom 11:24
24For if​ thou wert cut out of​ the​ olive tree which is​ wild by nature, and​ wert graffed contrary to​ nature into a​ good olive tree: how much more shall these, which be the​ natural branches, be graffed into their own olive tree? (KJV)

We Gentile Christians are the​ wild branches grafted into the​ olive tree so that we can equally partake with the​ physical seed of​ Abraham in​ the​ covenant promise of​ wealth.

As such, by grafting, we Gentile Christians are entitled to​ the​ same covenant provision of​ wealth as​ Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and​ the​ group in​ Deuteronomy 8.

Notice also that the​ wealth provision in​ the​ covenant isn’t bound by time. Whether four hundred years or​ four thousand years later makes no difference. the​ Abrahamic wealth provision is​ timeless since this covenant is​ a​ forever covenant.

A complete understanding of​ our covenant rights to​ Abrahamic wealth enables us to​ see that God gave this wonderful wealth provision in​ His forever covenant to​ us Gentile Christians also. God also establishes the​ Abrahamic covenant with us by giving us the​ same power to​ get wealth supernaturally.

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