Aluminum Tubes In Sports And Recreation

Aluminum Tubes In Sports And Recreation

Pete Sampras, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds are great sportsmen who have one thing in​ common among themselves. They have excelled in​ their sport of​ choice and​ have achieved greatness. Almost all of​ the​ equipment they used at​ one time or​ another during their rise to​ fame and​ fortune have been made out of​ or​ contain aluminum tubes!

Sports and​ recreation are two areas where the​ use of​ aluminum tubes has made great inroads in​ the​ manufacturing process of​ equipment. Baseball bats, frames of​ bicycle racers, wheel assemblies of​ skateboards, golf club heads, tennis racquet frames, exhaust headers and​ manifolds of​ race cars are just a​ few of​ the​ sports equipment that have been greatly improved and​ made superior with the​ use of​ extruded aluminum tubes.

Both fans and​ players love to​ hear the​ solid sound of​ a​ ball being hit squarely by a​ player’s baseball bat when a​ ballgame is​ in​ progress. Today’s baseball bat is​ a​ so much different from the​ ones used by Babe Ruth, baseball bats then are made of​ wood whereas today’s modern bats are made of​ extruded aluminum tubes albeit they still have wood inside. the​ combination of​ wood and​ aluminum made the​ players hit better and​ farther than before!

All cyclists in​ the​ world’s ultimate bicycle race, the​ Tour de France, use racers constructed from aluminum tube alloys in​ order to​ lower the​ weights of​ their bicycles to​ combat drag and​ in​ order to​ be able to​ pedal faster with lesser effort on their part.

The transition of​ tennis players from using wooden tennis racquets to​ aluminum framed tennis racquets also contributed to​ tennis advance into being considered a​ power game as​ players gained more control over their strokes when they started using racquets made from extruded aluminum tubes in​ various widths and​ sizes.

The water sport community also took great advantage of​ the​ versatility of​ aluminum tubes. Windsurfers, Hobie Cat enthusiasts, deep sea fishermen and​ even weekend water babies all use gadgets, parts and​ gears for​ their particular sport manufactured from marine grade aluminum tubes and​ stock. One important quality of​ aluminum is​ that is​ can be given an​ anodize coat and​ painted over to​ match the​ color scheme of​ your rig. From windsurfing beams to​ oars and​ deep sea fishing gear, aluminum tubes are in​ wide use in​ the​ marine community.

Take a​ look at​ the​ bottom of​ your son’s skateboard and​ chances are you will see that the​ wheel assemblies of​ high performance, competition type skateboards are made of​ aluminum tubes.

On the​ home front, even your outdoor chaise lounge and​ patio furniture, outdoor awning and​ umbrella and​ the​ ever present portable barbecue grill all have aluminum tubes as​ their main components.

Such is​ the​ versatility of​ aluminum that it​ is​ used regularly and​ extensively in​ more applications than we can imagine. Look at​ an​ elderly person’s walking cane and​ you will surely see a​ variant of​ the​ aluminum tube, anodized and​ painted, a​ testimony to​ the​ metal’s usefulness in​ almost all aspects of​ our daily living.

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