Aluminum Awnings An Economical Way To Cool Your Home

Aluminum Awnings An Economical Way To Cool Your Home

Aluminum awnings offer an​ inexpensive way to​ cool down your home during the​ heat of​ the​ summer day and​ protect your furniture and​ flooring from the​ fading effects of​ the​ sun. These awnings also shelter your windows and​ doors from the​ elements of​ the​ weather. the​ explicit instructions that come with these awnings and​ patio covers allow you to​ do it​ yourself without having to​ pay for​ professional installation. Aluminum awnings can easily be set in​ any position and​ all the​ hardware you need for​ installation comes with them.

The Alumawood do it​ yourself patio covers are made from lattice and​ can really transform the​ look of​ your patio. This type of​ aluminum awning is​ sold in​ kits and​ you can have the​ awning attached to​ your home or​ have it​ free standing. You can also order custom made aluminum awnings that are created to​ your specific measurements and​ designed to​ fit the​ architecture of​ your home. the​ alumawood awnings, like aluminum, will not rust, crack, warp or​ peel.

When you decide that the​ Alumawood do it​ yourself patio covers are what you want to​ have, you will have patio covers that are virtually maintenance free. the​ aluminum awnings are built to​ give you years of​ enjoying the​ outdoor space of​ your home. the​ Alumawood awning is​ an​ aluminum awning that looks just like wood. it​ is​ lightweight and​ durable and​ is​ finished in​ a​ richly textured wood grain. With the​ weather coating included on the​ aluminum, it​ will never need painting. Just a​ regular washing of​ the​ patio cover will do the​ trick and​ keep it​ looking new.

Along with the​ Alumawood do it​ yourself patio covers, you get matching color fasteners. Simply reading the​ directions before you start will show you that this is​ something that you can do yourself. These aluminum awnings are easy to​ install and​ come with a​ lifetime warranty. Each of​ the​ do it​ yourself kits for​ installing an​ Alumawood patio cover is​ available in​ five different colors. the​ kit for​ the​ aluminum awning or​ patio cover also contains the​ support beam, rafter beams, lattice tubes and​ posts.

The components of​ the​ aluminum awnings that you can install yourself are all interconnecting. This will make the​ installation process quite simple and​ the​ only help you will need is​ to​ have someone hand the​ pieces to​ you as​ you put them in​ place. it​ won’t take you long to​ have the​ Alumawood patio cover in​ place and​ then you can sit back and​ enjoy your new living space. With aluminum awnings, you won’t realize what you have been missing until you get the​ first one installed.

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