Alternative Treatments For Autism

Alternative Treatments for​ Autism
Usually the​ first treatment mentioned for​ Autism is​ medication. ​
This is​ changing. ​
More people are open to trying alternative treatments. ​
Medications can have terrible side effects, so more people are looking for​ natural products. ​
Here are some alternative treatments used for​ Autism.
There are several diets that can be used when treating Autism. ​
They range from eating Gluten free products to eliminating dairy from the​ diet. ​
Some Autistic children have a​ sensitivity to certain ingredients in food. ​
These ingredients will contribute to behavioral problems, or​ meltdowns when eaten.
Omega 3s
Omega 3 has been found to be helpful in treating Autism, as​ well as​ many other disorders. ​
People using the​ Omega 3 have found better sleep patterns, social interaction, and​ ​ over all health of​ their child. ​
People wanting to try this alternative treatment can add fish oil to their childrens diet. ​
Fish oil can be found in capsule for​ or​ liquid. ​
Some children have trouble swallowing the​ capsule. ​
The liquid form can be found in a​ flavorless type that is​ mixed in a​ drink.
Music Therapy
Several studies have found music therapy to be very beneficial to the​ Autistic child. ​
Sometimes an Autistic child will sing along with music while they will not speak. ​
This is​ one way of​ working on the​ childs speech. ​
The music can be soothing to an Autistic child. ​
it​ can relax them enough to take part in an activity with other people.
Sensory Integration
Children with Autism can be very sensitive to noises, tastes, textures, and​ ​ smells. ​
Sensory integration therapy helps the​ child to deal with whatever it​ is​ causing them problems. ​
it​ can also be used to calm a​ child with something like a​ certain smell or​ texture.
Speech Therapy
Speech therapy is​ a​ must for​ any child with Autism. ​
Children with Autism usually misuse words. ​
They often have a​ hard time understanding the​ meanings of​ words like few or​ many. ​
Speech therapists can help teach gestures and​ ​ communication skills to nonverbal children. ​
They can help the​ child to learn how to read other peoples body language. ​

Play Therapy
Play therapy can be very useful when treating an Autistic child. ​
Play therapy allows the​ child to relax and​ ​ focus on things they enjoy. ​
a​ therapist working with an autistic child will play on the​ floor with the​ child. ​
They will give the​ child various toys and​ ​ see if​ ​ the​ child takes a​ liking to one of​ them. ​
if ​ the​ child begins to play the​ therapist will then try to interact with the​ child. ​
After the​ therapist has formed a​ relationship with the​ child they might bring another child into play therapy. ​
This can be a​ great way to get the​ Autistic child to play with other kids. ​
Usually a​ therapist does the​ play therapy, however the​ parent can do the​ therapy after they have learned the​ techniques used.
These are just a​ few of​ the​ many alternative treatments available for​ Autism. ​
Medication does not have to be a​ first resort. ​
These can also be combined with medication for​ a​ better treatment plan.

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