Alternative Operating Systems

Alternative Operating Systems

Alternative Operating Systems
Even though most personal computers are sold today with Windows pre-loaded, there are alternative operating systems that you can choose to​ install yourself .​
Advances are constantly being made in​ computer programming that allows computer users to​ choose what operating system they want to​ use.
Of course, Windows is​ one of​ the​ easiest operating systems to​ have .​
It is​ loaded on most computer systems, so you can use other systems besides your own with ease and​ without having to​ learn a​ new program .​
Windows is​ designed to​ be user-friendly with point and​ click technology that allows nearly anyone to​ easily become a​ computer expert.
One of​ the​ alternative operating systems you can look at​ is​ rising in​ popularity – especially in​ recent years .​
the​ Linux operating system is​ a​ freeware product developed within the​ last several years as​ an​ alternative to​ Windows .​
It is​ also designed to​ be user-friendly with a​ graphical user interface that allows for​ easy navigation.
Linux has been accepted by many large corporations as​ a​ viable alternative to​ other operating systems .​
These companies include IBM, Novell, and​ Sun Micro Systems .​
Many of​ them have adopted them as​ their primary operating system for​ their mainframe computers as​ well as​ individual PCs.
As we’ve said, Linux is​ meant to​ be freeware available to​ anyone .​
It is​ meant to​ be shared between users and​ programmers alike so that they can make changes to​ the​ system and​ re-distribute it​ freely with those changes .​
the​ concept is​ that rather than having one programmer working on the​ system, many programmers can ultimately make the​ system better.
Besides Linux, Apple Corporation has an​ alternative operating system made for​ their PCs called Mac OS .​
This operating system is​ usually just run on Macintosh computers, but it​ is​ always evolving and​ being developed so that eventually, it​ can be run on any computer .​
Mac OS was actually the​ model operating system used to​ develop Windows.
There are many other alternative operating systems – most of​ which were developed as​ freeware like Linux .​
These include GNU, Gnome, Solaris, and​ Unix .​
They are all viable alternatives to​ any operating system and​ most are as​ user-friendly as​ Windows and​ Mac OS.
You don’t have to​ stick with any pre-loaded operating system on your new computer .​
There are many alternative operating systems you can choose from and​ they are all meant to​ be easy to​ use and​ visually appealing .​
You can easily install these operating systems and​ be well on your way to​ a​ new experience.

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