Alternative Asthma Treatment

Alternative Asthma Treatment

Did you know that asthma is​ in​ the​ top 10 hospitalizations reasons for​ the​ United States ? if​ you think about it​ its not that weird because over 19 million people suffer from asthma in​ the​ US.

Statistics show that more and​ more people keep complaining to​ their doctors about their current asthma treatment and​ as​ a​ result alternative asthma treatment is​ getting more popularity amongst asthma patients. in​ the​ long term alternative asthma treatment is​ better because it​ works on an​ other level. Unlike antibiotics it​ works in​ a​ natural way.
Asthma reflects the​ health of​ the​ lungs, the​ immune system and​ the​ adrenal glands so this means that alternative asthma treatment has to​ work mainly on the​ lungs and​ on the​ immune system.

There are several alternative asthma treatments available:

- Valerian : helps keeping down the​ stress so asthma patients can control their breathing.
- Ginger : helps to​ calm down the​ lungs, helps for​ easy breathing.
- Garlic : prevents the​ accumulation of​ mucus in​ the​ lungs.
- Elecampane : used to​ help healing a​ bronchitis it​ dries up mucus secretions.
- Ephedra : Chinese drug in​ bronchodilators. (now banned by the​ FDA)

- Helps to​ concentrate and​ relieve the​ asthma patient of​ stress symptoms.
- Helps to​ learn new breathing techniques.

- Asthma is​ often triggered by allergic reactions. Its important to​ know if​ the​ asthma
patient is​ allergic to​ some ingredients so they can be included in​ the​ diet.

These alternative asthma treatment methods have been proved to​ work and​ are all safe to​ use. These new methods are interesting for​ people who have been using inhalers, nebulizers and​ other asthma medications. These products help for​ immediate asthma problems but in​ the​ long term you will see that alternative asthma treatments help you to​ get rid of​ your asthma.

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