Allergies Causes Treatments

Allergies Causes & Treatments
There are many causes of​ allergies. ​
Some people are allergic to foods such as​ nuts, chocolate, and​ ​ shellfish, some to medicines. ​
Some suffer from allergies to animal dander such as​ cats, some from seasonal allergies such as​ pollen in the​ springtime or​ ragweed in the​ late summer and​ ​ fall. ​
Some allergies bring on contact dermatitis in the​ form of​ hives or​ eczema.
The one thing all these allergies have in common is​ that there is​ no cure for​ any of​ them. ​
Aside from allergies that are severe or​ bothersome enough to warrant allergy shots immunotherapy most people treat their allergy symptoms as​ they develop with over the​ counter antihistamines and​ ​ decongestants.
75% of​ Americans who suffer from allergies are allergic to ragweed. ​
Ragweed is​ the​ late summer early fall equivalent of​ springtime allergies, both are brought on by pollination of​ flowers. ​
Most medical professionals suggest an over the​ counter decongestant or​ antihistamine to treat the​ symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.
15% of​ Americans suffer from allergies to cats and/or dogs. ​
There are ways to lessen the​ symptoms. ​
Keep animals off of​ beds or​ any upholstered furniture as​ dander the​ actual allergen from the​ skin of​ animals can be transferred this way. ​
Room purifiers will help remove the​ airborne dander. ​
if ​ possible remove any wall to wall carpeting. ​
Linoleum, ceramic tile or​ wood flooring are best in a​ home with an allergy or​ asthma sufferer. ​
a​ vacuum with a​ HEPA filer will help to further trap dander in carpeting. ​
Pets can be washed weekly with shampoo formulated to remove dander.
It is​ said that 11 million Americans suffer from some type of​ food allergy. ​
The symptoms of​ food allergy range from tingling in the​ mouth to swelling of​ the​ tongue and​ ​ throat to more severe reactions that can actually result in death.
In the​ case of​ a​ food allergy it​ is​ best to have allergy testing performed by a​ professional. ​
Some with food allergies suffer the​ risk of​ an unbalanced diet due to the​ need to avoid certain types of​ food. ​
it​ is​ suggested that working with a​ nutritionist to create a​ sound and​ ​ healthy diet is​ best. ​
Some childhood food allergies go away with age. ​
However, allergies to peanuts, fish, shellfish and​ ​ nuts are considered lifetime allergies.
Skin allergies, or​ contact dermatitis is​ generally avoided by avoiding the​ allergen. ​
Contact dermatitis can be caused by many different things and​ ​ can be related to seasonal pollen allergy, animal allergy or​ food allergies. ​
Most outbreaks of​ contact dermatitis result in skin outbreaks and​ ​ hives which can be treated with over the​ counter antihistamines and​ ​ topical creams.

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