All Of Life Is Spiritual Life

All Of Life Is Spiritual Life

Your life as​ you know it, even now is​ a​ spiritual life. Even if​ you spend not one second thinking about God, your existence as​ a​ soul is​ a​ living testimony to​ God's love and goodness. You came from the spiritual realms, to​ exist here on the Earth in​ a​ body, for a​ specific and sacred purpose that is​ an​ integral part of​ the larger purpose that God has for souls on the Earth at​ this time.

You are beloved in​ God's eyes, even if​ you have no awareness of​ God or​ spiritual life. God's love formed the very DNA of​ your cells, and created you with purity, love and goodness in​ your heart. in​ God's infinite goodness, all souls are given free will and choice, to​ make their way in​ life and choose from among a​ multiplicity of​ directions and options. Your free will may have taken you closer to​ or​ further away from the love and goodness that you were created with, but at​ all times you remain a​ sacred child of​ God.

This one realization could change humanity in​ an​ instant, if​ it​ were understood that all life is​ sacred, all life is​ spiritual life, and that God who created the Earth is​ actively participating in​ each life at​ all times, even in​ times of​ great difficulty when it​ appears that the presence of​ negativity and darkness is​ all around.

Dearest ones, your beautiful hearts and souls have been living constricted in​ limitation, only partially awake to​ the magnificent potentials that you embody. This current time you are living in​ marks the beginning of​ a​ new era for humanity, which will open all eyes to​ the experience and embodied reality of​ God's love. Even now the stirrings of​ awakening are happening in​ your dreams, in​ your daily life and interactions with others, and in​ the transformations that are happening to​ your world.

It may appear to​ your eyes that there are only bad things happening in​ the world. With worldwide crises in​ many areas, and for the planet as​ a​ whole, this reality may color your perception so that you miss seeing the goodness that is​ also happening among these very difficult events. it​ is​ possible to​ begin experience the blessing that is​ happening by attuning to​ your heart in​ prayer, meditation, or​ by walking quietly in​ nature.

By asking and praying to​ feel God's presence more in​ your life, you will begin to​ have experiences of​ this as​ your prayers are answered. as​ God's presence is​ revealed, your seemingly ordinary life will take on a​ new dimension of​ understanding and experience. Daily life reveals itself to​ be in​ essence, spiritual life. God is​ not separated from your body, mind, spirit, or​ from your daily thoughts and actions. All is​ One within the magnificence of​ the holy creation that is​ Earth. Your presence and participation is​ an​ essential pat of​ the whole. Your life is​ blessed beyond measure, as​ the reality of​ God's love and goodness becomes your reality in​ the sacred dance of​ One.

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