All About Home Nursing

All About Home Nursing

How to​ Get Along With a​ Home Nurse

Whenever you are dealing with an​ elderly parent who's health is​ failing, you are going to​ be stressed. This is​ one of​ those times when you are not going to​ be at​ your best. You are already worried about whether you are doing the right thing for your parent by keeping them at​ home and hiring a​ home nurse to​ take care of​ them as​ opposed to​ moving them into a​ nursing home. You have to​ deal with the rest of​ your family. You are watching your parent, who was once the person who took care of​ you; grow weaker and more ill with each passing day.

The good news is​ that when a​ home nurse is​ employed to​ take care of​ your aging parent they don't expect to​ see you or​ your family at​ their best. They understand that you are not going to​ be at​ your best. Hopefully they have been properly trained and know how to​ handle the stressed family as​ well as​ they know how to​ take care of​ their cranky, confused patient.

The first thing you can do to​ make sure that the home nurse who is​ going to​ be taking care of​ your elderly parent's medical needs is​ to​ make sure that nurse has a​ personality that compliments you and your family. The way you get a​ nurse that suits your family's personality is​ being sure that you are completely honest with the agency you are using to​ locate the home nurse. Make sure your description of​ your family, their routine, and your parent's medical needs is​ completely true. The more honest you are about your needs and requirements the easier it​ will be for the agency to​ match you with a​ home nurse. if​ your parent needs to​ be physically lifted and moved make sure that you request a​ nurse with enough strength to​ get the job done.

When you are told that a​ nurse has been found for your parent, make sure you meet the nurse before they start taking care of​ your parent. Make sure this is​ a​ person whom you are comfortable welcoming into your home. if​ the nurse is, for whatever reason, not someone you are comfortable with, politely request a​ new nurse.

Make sure that both you and home nurse are both perfectly clear on what the nurse will be doing while she is​ in​ the home. When the nurse is​ just coming to​ the home for a​ few hours a​ day it​ is​ easy to​ know and understand that they are a​ professional that is​ doing a​ job. The line between health care and house keeper can become a​ little more blurred. Before the nurse ever moves into the spare bedroom, make a​ list of​ what they will and won’t be doing. Make sure the whole family understands. Having a​ clear understanding of​ the nurses responsibilities will make everyone's life's easier and will make the whole experience as​ pleasant as​ possible.

Remember that the home nurse is​ a​ professional. They are in​ your home to​ take care of​ a​ family member, but they are not an​ actual member of​ your family. Make sure that your maintain a​ polite, friendly, but professional relationship with the home nurse

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