All About Facial Skin Care

All About Facial Skin Care

All about Facial skin care
‘Facial skin care’ is​ more a​ matter of​ discipline than anything else. ​
a​ facial skin care routine is​ what you need and​ you need to​ follow the​ facial skin care routine with complete seriousness. ​
So let’s check what comprises an effective facial skin care routine. ​
Well,​ very simply,​ a​ facial skin care routine can follow the​ following 4 steps
* Cleansing
* Toning
* Exfoliating
* Moisturising
Cleansing is​ the​ first thing in​ facial skin care routine. ​
Cleansing helps in​ removing dust,​ pollutants,​ grease and​ extra oil from your skin,​ thereby preventing damage to​ your skin. ​
Just spot your face and​ neck with a​ good cleansing lotion or​ cream and​ gently massage it​ into your skin using upward strokes. ​
Use a​ soft face tissue or​ cotton wool to​ wipe your face in​ a​ gentle patting fashion do not rub. ​
Cleansing should be done at ​ least twice a​ day i.e. ​
morning as​ part of​ complete facial skin care routine and​ evening on​ a​ standalone basis. ​
Water soluble cleansers are the​ best for inclusion in​ your facial skin care routine.
Toning is​ the​ next in​ a​ facial skin care routine. ​
However,​ this is​ the​ optional part of​ the​ facial skin care routine. ​
Mostly,​ proper cleansing can compensate for toning. ​
Toning helps remove all traces of​ dirt,​ grease and​ excess cleanser. ​
Instead of​ making it​ part of​ your daily facial skin care routine,​ you can using toning occasionally i.e. ​
when you have been exposed to​ particularly harsh environment/pollution.
Exfoliation is​ again,​ kind of,​ optional step in​ everyday routine for facial skin care. ​
However,​ exfoliation is​ necessary at ​ least once a​ week or​ twice,​ depending on​ the​ skin type and​ the​ environmental conditions. ​
Exfoliation finds its place in​ facial skin care routine because of​ the​ natural tendency of​ skin to​ replenish the​ skin cells every 3 or​ 4 weeks. ​
as​ a​ facial skin care technique,​ exfoliation helps in​ removing the​ dead skin cells that block the​ pores,​ thus assisting the​ skin in​ the​ natural process. ​
However,​ excessive or​ harsh exfoliation can cause damage to​ your skin; so you need to​ balance it​ out.
The next thing in​ facial skin care is​ moisturising. ​
In fact,​ moisturising is​ the​ most important part of​ facial skin care routine. ​
Moisturisers prevent your skin from getting dry. ​
Dry skin is​ really undesirable since it​ cause the​ upper layer skin to​ break,​ leading to​ dead skin cells. ​
Again,​ use light upward strokes to​ make the​ moisturiser more effective. ​
Moisturisers work the​ best when applied on​ warm and​ damp skin. ​
So do not try to​ remove all the​ moisture in​ the​ previous steps of​ facial skin care routine.

Besides the​ normal facial skin care routine,​ you should also exercise the​ following for facial skin care
* Use proper makeup remover instead of​ just washing it​ away
* Pay heed to​ your skin type and​ the​ environment,​ when choosing facial skin care products.
* Before you start using a​ new facial skin care product,​ test it​ by applying it​ on​ a​ short patch of​ skin e.g. ​
ear lobes.
* Never rub your skin too hard.
* Use sunscreen lotions for protection against sun.

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